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ACEX vom ACE Team (v3.1.1)
19.10.2016 - 19:15 von miller

ACEX vom ACE Team (v3.1.1)

***** Update *****

acemod veröffentlichte sein ACEX Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Erweiterungs-Pack für den ACE-Mod.


ACEX is an extra package to compliment the ACE3 modification for Arma 3. It contains additional components on top of the ACE3 modification that provide extra functionality and is entirely optional.

The mod is built modularly, so almost any included PBO can be easily removed from the configuration. This way, a team can maintain its own tailored version of ACEX by simply excluding any components they don't need, or those possibly in conflict with other mods. Modules themselves, e.g. the medical system, also include various customization options, allowing mission designers to tweak the overall experience.

Core Features:
- Headless Client loadbalancing
- Sitting
- View Distance Settings

ACEX has been updated to V3.1.1
This is an hotfix to address the "ACE Sitting is outdated" error message since the ACEX update from yesterday.
Requires ACE Version 3.8.0 or later.

- Fix "File ace_sitting.pbo is outdated" (#39)

- Add kill/death tracker to acex (#31)
- Add beautified component names (#30)
- German string for viewrestrictions (#26)
- End mission on all players leaving when Headless Clients are present (#25)

- Fix 2 more ace/cba log macros (#37)
- Fix erroneous firendly fire msg if side is weird (#35)
- Fix gunner and group view being disallowed when using View Restriction (#28)

- Update to new CBA logging macros (#32)
- Polish translation (#23)

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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