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Fifty Shades of MP7 von zeealex (v0.81)
11.10.2016 - 00:45 von miller

Fifty Shades of MP7 von zeealex (v0.81)

zeealex veröffentlichte sein Fifty Shades of MP7 Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Marine MPA 1 und MP7A1 Waffen mit Rotex II-Suppressor.


I've been working away at this little side project for a while and thought I'd like to release it standalone for arma 3.
Long story short, the MP7 is one of my all time favorite weapons, it's a girly gun, and i am a girl, so it's a me gun... anyway, I wanted to pay a proper homage to it in my own way, with an arma 3 mod.
The MP7 Pack has Two MP7 variants at present, the MP7A1 and the MP7A1 NSW, with the Wilcox rail in place of the integrated grip.

The MP7s currently have these color selections each:
- Black
- Green
- Ranger Green
- AOR-1
- Woodland Streak Camo

And also has the Rotex II Suppressor in the following colours:
- Black
- Flat Dark Earth
- Green
- AOR1

The pack also has an optional RHS config that enables the use of Foregrips with the MP7 NSW.

- RHS config should now function correctly
- Suppressors now have worn paint

- Sand
- White
- Winter Digi Camo
- Flecktarn
- AOR2

Fifty Shades of MP7

Community Base Addons A3
RHS: United States Armed Forces (Optional for MP7A1 foregrips)

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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