ArmA3 Module » Lithuanian Armed Forces (LAF) von Karolus (07.09.2016)
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Lithuanian Armed Forces (LAF) von Karolus (07.09.2016)
07.09.2016 - 23:30 von miller

Lithuanian Armed Forces (LAF) von Karolus (07.09.2016)

Karolus veröffentlichte sein Lithuanian Armed Forces (LAF) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine neue Faction (Lithuanian Armed Forces) mit neuen Einheiten.


This mod adds new faction (Lithuanian Armed Forces) to ARMA 3. Faction currently consists of Lithuanian Land Force, Lithuanian Air Force and LITHSOF units and vehicles. Mod mainly does retexturing of various vanilla ARMA 3 textures and most popular ARMA 3 mods (CUP and RHS)textures.
Having in mind that Lithuanian ARMA 3 community is relatively small, mod gives great attention to LITHSOF, because special operations are usually conducted by small teams.

- Entirely new, playable faction;
- Various uniforms, helmets, vests, caps and balaclavas retextures, adding Lithuanian camouflage patterns or colors (woodland, desert and new camouflage design used by LITHSOF). Also uniform retexture with solid colors (used by LITHSOF only), ghilie suit retexture (to match more forested environment, like Lithuania) and pilot uniform retextures.
- LAF insignias (mainly LITHSOF);
- Mi8 and vanilla light helicopter (which is very similar to lithuanian used Eurocopters) retextures;
- Land rover (used by LITHSOF) retexture;
- Lithuanian names and surnames (only for land and air force soldiers). Also LITHSOF soldiers pseudonyms (for immersion, almost all pseudonyms are real Lithuanian partisans pseudonyms).

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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