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VSM - Accessory von vanschmoozin (08.10.16)
08.10.2016 - 11:00 von miller

VSM - Accessory von vanschmoozin (08.10.16)

***** Update *****

vanschmoozin veröffentlichte sein VSM - Accessory Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschieden Kopfbedeckungen, Masken etc.


Hey guys! This is my pack of misc mask/headgear. It includes My original Balaclavas, in olive, tan and black. All colors with plain, and skull variants. The Facemasks that Adacas designed for me, with my textures in olive/black/tan, and the same colors with the ghost recon inspired pattern. Zeealex's killer bowman/cap combo with my textures and some minor resizing to work with the Balaclava version. Includes black/olive/tan variants, with and without the balaclava. My shemaghs imported from A2 with many versions. With headset and glasses, with just glasses, with glasses and balaclava, shemagh and balaclava. Most in all three color variants. And a random retexture of the original ski mask to represent a COD inspired mask for one of my character packs. Everything is signed/keyed.

The VSM Gear Pack is getting closer and closer, but I wanted to release this so you all could have something to use in the mean time.

- Fixed texture path error
- Added in goggles and shemaghs as plain items
- Added thermal UnderArmor

- classnames have changed in Accessory Pack, so be sure to prepare if you have them in a mission file.
- Added New Balaclava
- Added New Comms
- Added New Shemaghs
- Added goggles
- Added many more variants of each combination. IE: Facemask with shemagh and headset, Balclava with Goggles and shemagh. etc etc
- Config rehash to accomodate hidden selections for space saving in DL size

VSM - Accessory

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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