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FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) von icebreakr (v1.4)
01.04.2017 - 19:30 von miller

FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) von icebreakr (v1.4)

***** Update *****

icebreakr veröffentlichte sein FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack) in den Bi-Foren.


Here comes the FAP Foes & Allies Pack, of course this addon features:

I. Factions for my released islands such as:
- Afrenian Army & Police
- Molatian Army
- ARL Lingor Rebels
- GAL Government Army of Lingor
- Cecanian Army (currently occupying Isla Abramia, in regular & winter camo)
- Abramian Rebel Alliance & Police (four tribes with 4 camos, trying to restore order on the same island + policemen that operate mainly from capitol of Yolandi)
- Red & Blue Gangs

II. Vehicles
There are some vehicles present, but mainly A3 skinned ones:
- Fennek recon vehicles for Afrenian army (Afrenian Leopard camo)
- Leopard 2A5 (Afrenian Leopard camo)
- Abramian Police car (working lights & siren as horn/LMB)
- Kamaz trucks for almost all factions
- etc.

III. Weapons & Equipment
- AKM, AKMS and RPK rifles && 40mm Grenade launchers
- M16A2s/ AR-15s
- RPG-7
- SVD Dragunov
- M1911
- Igla AA
- Steyr AUG A1
- Gasmask SF-10
- 1 Kilo of Cocaine

- NZDFCrash (soldier model, weapons, configs, etc.)
- Sahbazz (mags, configs, help, etc.)
- TRYK xmosmos, zabb (Gasmask).
- Kiory (head mask for Natives, coming with next version)
- LordJarhead (sounds)
- Rocket (Steyrs)
- Kol9yN (Cocaine pack model)
- RobertHammer (Grenade Launcher Hand Animation)

- added Antonov An-12 for several factions (GAL, MOL, CEC) and civilian airlines operating on my islands
- fixed bug with M1911 recoil, recoil is working properly but gun budge is not animated
- added police officers to Molatia faction
- changed native Molatian language to French (finally, yay)
- proper icons for most of police uniforms in the inventory
- small saturation fix on Cecanian uniform
- added stack of US dollars as the pickable item (ask on BIF if you need help setting items as inventory)
- removed A2/CUP dependency for Zetaborns, they use correct A3 particles/sounds
- updated police car texture for Abramia (for beacons/lightbars to appear just use 3DEN editor!)

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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