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SAM Pack von hcpookie (v4.2)
08.09.2016 - 08:00 von miller

SAM Pack von hcpookie (v4.2)

***** Update *****

hcpookie veröffentlichte sein SAM Pack Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Pack enthält verschiedene moderne Luftabwehrsysteme (IADS) und Gegenmaßnahmen aus ArmA2.


- FIX: 100 rnd Zu-23 magazines (2x 50-round belts). This appears to be correct based on numerous sources
- FIX: Corrected CUP US Army faction editor listing
- FIX: Spawner preview pic errors in 3D editor
- FIX: Site spawner script placement errors. Should address the “shooter” popup errors
- FIX: Minor SNR-125 radar 3D model issues
- IMPROVED: Site spawner scripts now clear launcher positions of all trees and terrain objects within a 40m diameter. This should improve engagement behavior
- IMPROVED: Site spawner scripts improved embankment placement
- IMPROVED: Added check for 3D editor within site spawner scripts. This should address the “shooter” script popup errors
- IMPROVED: Increased site “assignment” distance. This will allow manually-placed launchers to be controlled by the site within 600m of the radar control unit
- IMPROVED: Significantly improved indirect damage settings for proximity fused systems
- NEW: Added support for external ECM / Jamming scripts. Information contained in the Appendix at the end of the Guide

This addon provides modern Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) and countermeasures of most of the major real-world IADS systems. Missile performance and behavior based on published real-world data and video footage. Real life sounds used where samples are available.
SAM, AAA systems, counter-missile defense, and Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) countermeasures are included.
Parts of version 3.x, the Arma2 version of this addon depend heavily on the RangeMaster addon for parts of the FRL_missilebox, while other parts of the addon do not depend on anything. Some vehicles reside within the RangeMaster addon; therefore use of the RangeMaster mod is implied in this documentation.
Starting with v4.0, the Arma3 version, this addon is dependent only upon CUP and my camonets mod. See the Dependencies section below for further details!

SAM Pack

POOK Camonets

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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