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The Unsung Vietnam War Mod (v3.1d Delta)
15.12.2016 - 10:00 von miller

The Unsung Vietnam War Mod (v3.1d Delta)

***** Update *****

sgt_savage veröffentlichte sein The Unsung Vietnam War Mod in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält einen Vietnam War Mod (Fahrzeuge, Soldaten, Waffen, 2 Landschaften etc.) für ArmA3.


Unsung 3.0 d - Released !!!

Delta has landed, just in time for Christmas too :) . This release adds brand new weapons to replace our aging legacy ones with brand new textures , animations and sounds. The coding has also had a progressive re-write by the config and script team correcting inherit errors and optimising gameplay.
Our arma 2 legacy islands have also been ported into this release and are standalone!! no third party addons required eg CUP etc. Brand new features and easter eggs and not to mention the addition of 2 exciting new islands to run, gun and frag on .
New land , sea and Air assets added with some crafty new surprises that takes you to the next level of combat in the thick jungles of vietnam. The Anzacs have landed!! New Australian and New Zealand factions added ... time to crack some tinnies mate! ;)
This release is the effort of hundreds of man hours by the entire team. However , it should still be considered work in progress and still may contain bugs or errors which we will endevour to correct as we progress.
We hope you all enjoy it...

Briefing is over grunt, don't just stand there ....grab your shit your going back in !!!
"And remember. Good Luck out there...... you gonna need it"

- 2 significantly updated and improved maps:
---Da Krong
- 2 new MAPS:
---Song Cu by Jones
---Khe Sanh by Londo
- 7 maps imported from A2:
---Plei Trap Valley
---Ia Drang Valley
---Dong Ha
---Phu Bai
---Cao Bang
---Ashau Valley

- New weapon animations for most weapons
- Improved flares and flashlights
- Civ basket backpacks
- New weapons /models:
---M1 Carbine, M2 Carbine, M3 Carbine
---Type 50
---Baikal IZH-43
---M870 mk1
---Ithaca, Ithaca pistol grip
---AKM drum
---Mk2 grenade
---L1A1, L2a1, L2a1 GL, L2a1 shorty
---Type 99
---Mosin Nagant

- UH1D dust-off
- F4e Phantom
- H21C Shawnee

- Improved lights, brake lights and muzzle flashes on all vehicles
- Jeeps have new clutter
- New m60 model on most vehicles
- New wrecks
- Ural truck
---Transport open, covered, camo

New Opfor tanks
---OT-34 flamethrower tank
---TO-55 flamethrower tank

New APCs
- Type 63 APC
- M113A1

New Blufor tanks
- M551 Sheridan
- M48A3 Patton

- New huts, flags, docks, hangars etc
- Use of many new Apex huts, trenches, rocks etc
- Complete revamp of editor layout for our buildings and objects
- New rope bridge, ruins, etc
- Many new items

- SEAL and SOG units
- Australian and New Zealand factions
- Fixed factions in groups
- Fixed unit type naming for calling out etc

- Many updated Guns sound effects , including reload sounds
- DSAI module missing file errors (fixed)
- Fixed AI burst fire, no longer hear 1 shot for multiple bursts

- Many bug and performance fixes

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