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Swedish Forces Pack vom Swedish Forces Mod Team (v0.6.8 Update)
22.04.2017 - 08:30 von miller

Swedish Forces Pack vom Swedish Forces Mod Team (v0.6.8 Update)

***** Update *****

granQ veröffentlichte sein Swedish Forces Pack Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Pack enthält Schwedischen Streitkräfte, Soldaten, Waffen Fahrzeuge, Schiffe, Hubschrauber, Flugzeuge usw. für BluFor, OpFor, Widerstand und Zivilisten sowie die Insel Wamako.


- Added: Patgb 360 (XA-360) with UN and woodland textures.
- Added: Custom pilot (Flight uniform Model 87)
- Added: RBS 69 (AA missile) now have a custom hands animation.
- Added: Simple OPFOR units. (Return of Wamako soldiers, but with Swedish/BIS guns)
- Fixed: AG 90 sniper rifle now available in virtual arsenal.
- Fixed: Added support for Task force radio on several vehicles.
- Fixed: Added a basic HUD for the Gripen airplane.
- Fixed: New shadow lod on the Patgb 203.
- Fixed: Renabled fire from vehicle in strf90 camo which was disabled due to a BIS related bug.
- Fixed: Strv 122 driver with IR camo netting had obscured vision.
- Fixed: Desert cap
- Fixed: Grey part on bodyarmor (Krsk 12)
- Fixed: Soldier suffering from a "attached vest".
- Fixed: Ikv 91, driver optics was misplaced on the wrong side of the vehicle.
- Fixed: Grkpbv 120, hatches and turret.
- Fixed: Mirrors on Patgb203 and Tgb 16 was mirroed incorrectly.
- Tweaks: Improved VRAM usage after changing 300 rvmat files, after suggestion from TjockeJocke.
- Tweaks: Increased damage from the 40 mm cannon on Strf 90 (IFV 90)
- Tweaks: Weight on machine gunner mags (Ksp 58).

Swedish Forces Pack
The Swedish Forces Pack (SFP) features for example advance missiles, buddy reload, backblast, "random" numbers on helicopters. More than 30 new completely new vehicles, including airplanes, helicopters, drones, jeeps and boats.

With soldiers and weapons from the UN operations in Congo in the 1960's to present day and beyond, in woodland, desert, and snow uniforms. To enjoy all of this over 15 missions for 2-40 players are included, covering both adversarial and cooperative game-modes. But wait! There is more! If you download now we also include Swedish police uniforms, and some criminals to play with. If you like our work, please like us on Facebook and/or subscribe on Steam.

- ACE3, we do our best to be 100% compatible, let us know if we dont.
- MRT Accessory Functions, for the Aimpoint 3X scope
- TFAR, if using TFAR the Swedish soldiers will use a Ericsson Radio 180.

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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