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USS Nimitz von TeTeT (v0.99)
15.10.2017 - 14:10 von miller

USS Nimitz von TeTeT (v0.99)

***** Update *****

TeTeT veröffentlichte sein USS Nimitz Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine Konvertierung der JDog Nimitz aus ArmA2.
Danke an TeTeT für die Info


This is release 0.99 of the Nimitz in Arma 3. Over the last half year there have been many changes to the Nimitz.

First, the number and aftmast have been made configurable via Eden, so any of the existing Nimitz carriers can be impersonated to some degree. Note that doesn't include details like the different aft mast or changed island shapes. But we continue to explore this direction.

Next, the holes in the fore hull have been closed and do now contain deployable drawbridges. This should allow the Nimitz to stay in a port and make it accessible from the pier. A touchdown sound was added to the flightdeck when a plane lands. The anti-air weaponry received a textures update from the TheSn4k3, and the logos were updated by Odyseus. The briefing and map room now show the picture map of the island one plays on. The Tilly crash crane has now the ability to remove all Air, Land and Ship wrecks in the vincinity. Shockley did provide new hull textures, completely with all derivative textures. We hope you like the new look. With help of the Freedom technology the Nimitz stays now longer visible via the setting FeatureType = 2. The dynamic airport config also found it's way into the Nimitz, so players can now autoland on the carrier - don't forget to deploy the tailhook though! Further some air conditioning units and sounds were placed on the carrier, as well as a static engine sound at the aft of the carrier.

The final addition is the use of Grumpy Old Man's (GOM) aircraft loadout scripts via the weapons elevator. Any dynamic loadout capable plane can now be re-equiped at the weapons elevator.

USS Nimitz

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Quelle: Bi-Foren
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