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Ukrainain Naval Infantry Specops von Shaleny Ukrop (v1.05)
02.08.2015 - 20:46 von miller

Ukrainain Naval Infantry Specops von Shaleny Ukrop (v1.05)

Shaleny Ukrop veröffentlichte sein Ukrainain Naval Infantry Specops Addon. Das Addon enthält eine Ukrainain UA Naval Specops Fraktion mit Infanterie, gepanzerten und leicht gepanzerten Radfahrzeugen.


Ukrainain Naval Infantry Special Forces units with their actual armament, vehicles and uniforms/gear (Ukrainian "Field Toad" and "Steppe Toad" camouflage that is actually used by the Naval Infantry Specops in the ATO zone). Only real armament no "Ukrainian troops with AK-74m, T-80", no "camo folk clothes" and other stereotypical and unrealistic stuff.

Every unit's loadout is randomized (within the limits of its class of course: headgear, facewear, vests) on the spawn, so if you put several units of the same class it doesn't look like "army of clones" with similar equipment. The same about uniform patches, they aren't "hard textured" into the uniform textures (as in certain other modes) but made properly as shoulder pathces.

Similarly BTR-70, BTR-80, vehicles camo paint is also randomized: chosen among numerous camo paint types based on actual camo used by UAF and Ukrainian Naval Infantry in the ATO, camo can be picked from 2 categories "Field" and "Navy" or both.
And, naturally, the mod also contains numerous decals ( Military markings, unit insiginias, patriotic, morale stickers, popular among the ATO soldiers ), which are also randomized, so you don't get 5 totally similar vehicles in a row, nothin's hard textured.

Ukrainain Naval Infantry specops faction with:
- Ukrainian Naval Infantry Specops infantry units in "Field Toad" and "Steppe Toad" camo uniforms and gear;
- Ukrainian Naval Infantry Specops vehicles: BTR-70, BTR-80, Ural trucks, UAZ, mobile ZU-23-2 autocannons, static ZU-23-2 autcannon, "Utyos" heavy MGs, AGS, DSHKM, 2b14;
- Various unit loadouts: units of the same class won't get totally similar gear and look like some clones;
- Various BTR-70 and BTR-80 camouflages (Naval Infantry, general field camo);
- Various vehicle decals: Naval infantry insignias, specops unit insignias, motivational/patriotic stickers, so on;
- Only realistic armament, uniforms and gear;

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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