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SCmod (Arma 3 Helicopters Version) von CheyenneAH56 (v1.35)
06.11.2016 - 22:00 von miller

SCmod (Arma 3 Helicopters Version) von CheyenneAH56 (v1.35)

***** Update *****

CheyenneAH56 veröffentlichte sein SCmod (Arma 3 Helicopters Version) Addon. Das Addon enthält einen Securite Civile Mod (Feuerlösch-Luftfahrzeuge) aus ArmA2 für das Arma 3 Helicopters DLC.


The islands of Stratis and Altis, located offshore Mediterranean, are each summer, subject to dry climates and forest fires. Put yourself in the shoes of a helicopter pilot, engaged in operations against fires. SCmod modules sets up, and use, differents fixed tanks, or an helicopter bucket.

Available modules:
Universal waterkit fixed tank
Universal bucket bladder
Large waterkit fixed tank for CH-49 Mohawk
Large waterkit fixed tank for MI-290 Taru
SCmod dynamic mission

Available units:
CH-49 Mohawk SC
CH-67 Huron SC
MI-290 Taru SC
WH-56 Hellcat SC
Zamak fuel truck SC

- New Propagation of forest fires, even more realistic.
- Wind effect management.
- New forest fire inition script, with fewer fps lag.
- New visual rendering of forest fires.
- Improved visual rendering of water drops.
- New version of the heavy helicopter HH-67.
- Addition of a waterkit module for the HH-67.
- Addition of a scooping module for amphibious aircraft.
- Addition of a siren on the helicopters of the SCmod liveries (to be used before the water drops).
- Initialization of the water bucket module reworked (with new hanging and deployment commands).
- Additional Scenarios. And many other stuff.

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