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JSRS3: DragonFyre EDEN von (v1.4 RC)
19.06.2016 - 09:15 von miller

JSRS3: DragonFyre EDEN von (v1.4 RC)

***** Update *****

LordJarhead veröffentlichte seinen JSRS3: DragonFyre Soundmod in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält neuen einen Soundmod für ArmA3, basierend auf den bekannten Soundmod JSRS2.2 für ArmA2 CO.


What is JSRS3 Dragon Fyre EDEN?
JSRS3 DragonFyre EDEN is a sound modification for ArmA3. The purpose of this modification is to bring new sounds to the game, making it more exciting. Many would say it makes the game much more realistic, but that is not the initial purpose of this modification. Even if some sounds are authentic to what we call "modern warfare", still the main purpose was just to create a certain type of sound feeling.

What are the overall features of this mod?
The mod adds over a few thousand new sounds to the game, most ingame sounds are exchanged by these. The mod adds new distance effects to the original DragonFyre2.5 sound framework, new distance explosions and many other features back from the old (heavy scripted) version. All the cool features that could no make it because a certain type or script was needed, which also destroyed the playability for multiplayer, this new Version, called EDEN (because of the Eden Update for ArmA3) can deal with all that. Plus it stays script free. No CBA required and it works a 100% in multiplayer.

What is new in this version?
There are many new fixes in this version. I was mostly focusing on a clean and error free build this time around. The point is to be able to use this mod with any other modification available (except other sound mods) and to have a fully working mod that works fine in Multiplayer as well. A basic list over the things that have happened between this and the released versions before would look like this:

1. All weapon sounds got tweaked, mainly EQ work
2. Most vehicles got tweaked for the new stereo emitters and panners
3. New SoundSets and SoundShaders added
4. A few thousand new sounds for distance warfare
5. New GlobalFilters, LowPassFilters and Attenuation, 3D Processors
6. Different warfare sounds for Forests, Cities or flat areas
7. Most shared movement sounds of soldiers got revamped in stereo
8. Massive volume and distance changes
9. Many little new details in sound samples
10. New filters, globals and stereo emitters/parameters
11. New soniccracks for different types of environment, like forest, houses and meadow

v1.4 RC
- Added sounds for RGN Mini Grenade
- Tweaked reloading sound volume/distance
- Tweaked Closure effects for various weapons
- Tweaked Framework reflector sounds
- Added new Tank engine sounds external
- Tweaked explosion/thud sound effects
- Tweaked snap sound distance/volume
- Tweaked SD weapon sound effects
- Added soniccrack snap effects to various ammunition
- Tweaked explosion sound effect muffler
- Added Server Side Files for JSRS public server support
- Tweaked debris noises for 20mm/30mm/40mm HE/AP rounds (performance)
- Tweaked Gatling Cannon 20mm distance
- Fixed removed tails from 20mm/30mm/40mm HE/AP rounds (performance)
- Tweaked body hit sounds volume lowered
- Tweaked volume and distance for grenade bouncing sounds
- Fixed AP 30mm, 120mm shells caused explosion sounds
- Tweaked snap and crack volume and distances
- Tweaked global snaps louder in forests/on meadows
- Fixed updating base class issues
- Tweaked MX rifle sounds
- Tweaked soldier movement volumes and distances
- Tweaked helicopter gear and hydraulic sound volume
- Fixed wrong Sniper Bolt Action sounds
- Added new Flare launcher sounds
- Tweaked REFLECTOR SOUNDS volumes
- Fixed missing REFLECTOR SOUNDS on MX Full Auto Mode
- Added new OGG file format
- Tweaked mod size due to decoding
- Fixed missing sprint sounds on concrete surfaces
- Fixed .wss sound entries in cfgs
- Fixed missing sound files
- Fixed wrong numbering in environment cfg
- Fixed missing tree wind sounds
- Fixed missing houses wind sounds
- Fixed error message "helicopter landing sounds missing"
- Tweaked handheld weapon handling sounds in cfgs (Reload,Dry,Firemode...)
- Increased performance and faster transaction of sound files
- Tweaked mod loads faster
- Fixed updating base class MXC_Rifle

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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