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Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack vom CUP Team (v1.81)
03.01.2017 - 07:15 von miller

Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack von CUP Team (v1.8.1)

***** Update *****

Cup veröffentlichte sein Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Projekt vom CUP Team ist eine Initiative, um den gesamten ArmA 2 Inhalt (+ OA und DLCs) in ArmA 3 (inclusive ArmA3 Funktionsumfang) zu implementieren.


* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - added weapons and magazines for M60 Patton
* CUP_Weapons_Curator - Added: Backwards compatibility entry for placeable container CUP_Weapon_lmg_M249 which got removed

* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - fixed missing AGM-114K magazine string error
* CUP_Weapons_CZ805,FNFAL,L110,L85,M16,M249,SCAR - Fix Apex supressors and tracer magazines compatibility on many rifles (Fixes T1732 T1733 T1735 T1736 T1737 T1738 T1739)
* CUP_Weapons_Duty,Evo,L129 - Fix Apex supressors and tracer magazines compatibility (T1731 Fixes T1734 T1740)
* CUP_Weapons_L85 - fixed L85 model.cfg
* CUP_Weapons_L85 - Fixed the name of the rail in CUP_arifle_L86A2_ACOG which prevented Marksmen to have an optic

* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition - increased locking cone on Vikhr missiles, acquiring targets on Ka-50 should now be easier
* CUP_Weapons_Ammunition,VehicleWeapons - M68 HEAT magazines classnames adjusted to correctly reflect HEAT instead of HE
* CUP_Weapons_M16 - Improved hand position on M4 (Fixes T1742)
* CUP_Weapons_RPG18 - Added a secondary top ironsight for RPG-18 (Fixes T1776)

CUP Weapons Pack
This is the WEAPONS pack. It contains all the weapons, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, pistols, sniper rifles, and whatever else goes "boom" in Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's. All weapons are stripped of their attachments were possible, and these have been turned into attachable scopes, lasers, flashlights, and bipods interchangeable with the vanilla content.
Some of the weapons are new or derived from the original ones.

Class list

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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