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Italian Armed Forces von Simon1279 (v2.9.1)
11.04.2015 - 20:00 von miller

Italian Armed Forces von Simon1279 (v2.9.1)

***** Update *****

Simon1279 veröffentlichte sein Italian Armed Forces Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält italienische Streitkräfte in vegetata Camo.


This addon adds a totally new entire faction (retextured NATO units), reworked materials, uniforms in vegetata camo pattern ,woodland and desert vegetata, backpacks in vegetata camo patterns,woodland and desert vegetata, groups in editor divided into Vegetata, woodland and vegetata desert,dedicated icons for each: uniform, backpack exc., a new unit for the recon men (renamed men SF) which is UAV Operator SF, units with boonie and cap have the NV goggles inside the vest and not mounted on the head, the same for snipers (no nvgoggles on head but inside inventory, Ghillie suit is in vegetata camo pattern), reworked loadout for each unit, retextured vehicles to be used in woodland Islands.

Adds reworked site module for populating military bases with vegetata units (sites=>BLUFOR=>ITALIA), Italian names and surnames to AI units, the soldier's voices and faces are from AAF units
It contains stringtable including italian language and english.

Many thanks to
=HH= lupo@lpha,=HH= Chairborne, =AMI= Maw, =AMI= Lynx, Frost, kappasilent, Hollywood, Centauro83, Catilina, WildWolf for help in testing and convincing me in upgrading the old version, many thanks to the whole SGI community for its effort and to the =HH= clan for critics, suggestions and testing
Many special thanks to Lonewolf from SGI community for his usefull help in developing

- fixed A-164 Plane texture (many thanks to Lao Fei Mao)
- fixed some issues related to the last 1.42 patch
-added some assets from the last Marksmen DLC (some classes are dependant on this awesome DLC)

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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