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Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) von mladjaSRB (v0.90)
16.02.2014 - 23:55 von miller

Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) von mladjaSRB (v0.90)

mladjaSRB veröffentlichte sein Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Serbischen Streitkräfte, Soldaten, Polizei, Fahrzeuge, Waffen etc.


Serbian Armed Forces is a modification for popular Bohemia Interactive titles, Arma2 Combined Operations and ArmA3. SAF started its journey, as a community closed, compilation of different kinds of modifications and addons, with a custom made configs made to fit our needs. Since our "compilation" grew in time, in its size and complexity, and becasue ofa fact, that we could notdo some things the way we wanted it to be, and of course for the reason we did not want to alter others hardwork without permissions ( which are hard to obtain anyway ) we decided to rally up our forces, and devise a plan, with final goal tocreate a full author work which will satisfy all our needs. A modification called Serbian Armed Forces, which will represent the modern Serbian Army, and provide our community and anyone interested in it along the way, with a new mod, so we can play in the way we want it. In this mod you can find different and very detailed units of Serbian Armed Forces. Many different uniforms with different amblems for every unit. There are also and Serbian Police Forces like Counter-Terrorist Unit (eng. CTU, serb. PTJ) and many different weapons used by Serbian Armed and Police Forces.

- Serbian Armed Forces.
- Uniforms & Helmet patterns used by Serbian Army.
- Many different weapons used by Serbian Army.
- Many different vehicles used by Serbian Army.
- Compatible Weapons to ArmA3 Engine.
- Possibility to mount different optics/acc to weapons .
- And many new content to come by time.
- Serbian Police Forces.

Quelle: Bi-Foren
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