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1st SFG Uniforms von iNTERBRED (v2.0) [Soldaten]
03.09.2014 von miller

1st SFG Uniforms

Das Addon enthält Soldaten in SFG Uniformen mit Barett, einschließlich MTP, Wüste - und Walduniformen die von 1. SFG Teamspeak-Gruppe verwendet wird.



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This consists of new style uniforms as well as some of the old ones, with new helmets, and Ghillies:

• MLP:
Multi Leaf Pattern, a camouflage designed for any environment that the wearer comes across, made up of Tans and greens, this camouflage will be your best friend in any environment that you come across. Suitable for Altis, Stratis, Celle, Takistan, Chernarus and many others.

• Woodland:
This camouflage is perfectly designed for blending into light woodlands such as Altis to the dense forests of Celle and Chernarus. This camouflage is made up of shades of green, brown, black, and purple. Suitable for any map thats predominantly forests and grassland for example Celle, Thirsk in the summer, and Chernarus.

• Desert:
A camouflage designed for the sand desert parts of the world, allowing the wearer to become nothing but a mirage, with a tan background with a black hex pattern this camouflage is just right for Takistan and Zargabad, and the salt flats of Altis.

• Urban:
A modified version of the UCPs used by the US army, and a blank grey top, this basic uniform is great for blending into the backgrounds of cities, this makes it great for the cities of Altis, Chernarus etc.

• Winter:
A digital make up of white, black and green this camouflage is great for disappearing into any snow environment such as thirsk in the winter.

• Woodland BDU:
Designed and worn by the US army this is a great camouflage for when you are in a country that you aren't supposed to be in, however this camouflage is also used by the recruits of the 1st SFG when in a training environment.



- removed night uniform
- added urban winter, and bdu
- changed helmet style
- added Ghillie suits as head gear (to mix and match)

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