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ArmaRig for Blender von Macser (v6.1) [Editing Tools]
03.08.2016 von miller

ArmaRig for Blender

Ein Erweiterungstool für für die kostenlose Open-Source-Software Blender 3D Modellbauer.




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A constrained Ik rig built in Blender.Aimed at A2/A3. Intended for use with Alwarren's Arma toolbox. When using Al's toolbox to export,O2pe is only needed for dynamic animations. Static and hand anims can be exported direct to PBO.

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Changed the parenting of some key bones. The pole targets for both legs, the launcher and the primary weapon now have no explicit parent. Instead, each of these bones has a childof constraint. The reasoning is simple. This allows the user to redefine the parent themselves. Although the childof constraint isn't perfect, it does allow more flexibility. Besides that more than one of these constraints can be stacked. This can be very useful, as it makes it possible to keyframe the influence value. In practical terms, this means the parenting can be switched during an animation from one bone to another and back again.

For example you can lock a bone to an empty for the first 15 or so frames and then switch the influence back to what you normally use, for the rest of the sequence. Like resting a hand on a surface for a period of time.

Important note:
When switching the parent in the constraint the child bone may appear to move out of position. Simply hit the "set inverse" button to correct. Whenever you wish to work with a new animation switch the parenting to whatever was used for that sequence. Make notes of what parenting was changed for the sequence you're currently editing. As fiddly as it sounds, it's quite possible you'll never bother changing it. In which case the rig will operate as usual.


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