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Montag, 22. Januar 2018
Downloads » ArmA3 Addons » Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E von TeTeT (15.10.2017) [Flugzeuge] Download-Infos
Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E von TeTeT (15.10.2017) [Flugzeuge]
15.10.2017 von miller

Sukhoi SU-35S Flanker E

Das Addon enthält eine SU-35S in verschiedene Tarnfarben.

Saul und John_Spartan und TeTeT


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Steam Workshop Foren


After a few months of work on this mod Saul and me would like to share with the community our recent version of SU-35 S Flanker E mod. Saul has put in tremendous effort in to HD textures and updating the model. We have added nice set of features and improved the overall characteristics of the jet. It's still WIP on this one, with more time on our hands we will definitely try to update this awesome Russian aircraft mod. Features like fully Russian cockpit [markings and HUD] also refuelling and auxiliary fuel systems will be added latter on thru the development process.

Su-35S is a OPFOR multirole fighter we decided to add since there still is massive demand for an adversary to F/A-18's. So what does this addon contains and what we are looking to implement in future.

The Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker E is a designation for heavily-upgraded derivative of the Su-27 Flanker. It is single-seat, twin-engine supermaneuverable multirole fighter, designed by Sukhoi and built by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association.
Su-35, this derivative incorporated aerodynamic refinements to increase manoeuvrability, enhanced avionics, longer range, and a more powerful engine. The first Su-35 prototype, converted from a Su-27, made its maiden flight in June 1988. In 2003, Sukhoi embarked on a second modernization of the Su-27 to produce what the company calls a 4++ generation fighter. This derivative, while omitting the canards and air brake, incorporates a reinforced airframe, improved avionics and radar, thrust-vectoring engines, and a reduced frontal radar signature. In 2008 the revamped variant, erroneously named the Su-35BM. The Russian Air Force has ordered 48 production units, designated Su-35S, of the newly revamped Su-35BM.

- New model [cockpit will get full Russian language markings]
- HD textures
- Full realistic set of weapons models
- Afterburner
- Canopy animation
- Flares and radar warning system
- Fuselage vapour effects
- Engine exhaust effect
- Working mirrors in pilot view
- Master arms "SAFETY" feature
- Fuel drop sequence and auxiliary fuel support [WITH NEXT UPDATES]
- Aerial refuelling from SU-35S with “buddy pod” [WITH NEXT UPDATES]
- Ejection sequence simulation
- Collision Lights and Formation Lights
- Fully animated HD cockpit
- Built in Service Menu for ordinance and aircraft paint scheme customization
- 4 different paint schemes
- Setup/Customization MODULE available in game editor

ARMA 3 game engine: Bohemia Interactive
Project lead: Saul
Brand new model: Saul and John_Spartan
HD textures: Saul
GUI dialog by: John_Spartan
Config and scripts by: John_Spartan
Advisers: Gnat


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- increase rotation speed of TGP
- set min maxTurn of TGP to +/-170
- add laserdesignator_mounted and laserbatteries to weapons and magazines
- ejection no longer works at 0/0
- enable init eventhandler again
- hide Init/Respawn module
2017-08-26 config
- reduce reloadTime of cannon to 0.04 (ROF 1500 per minute)
- adjusted pylon proxy positions
2017-08-18 model
- remove old proxies
- better pylon proxy positions, hopefully
- fix kh29 mag / weapon
2017-08-17 config, scripts
- add tanks, rockets to dynamic loadout
- add standard loadouts
- adjusted fuselage pylons
2017-08-17 config, scripts
- add dynamic loadout for instant loadout scripts
- adjust AB, make it slightly more powerful
2017-07-30 config, scripts
- add new afterburner script, adjust for SU-35 from F-18
- change to airplaneX simulation
- swap altFullForce and altNoForce
2017-06-13 config
- add ITGT support for Firewill AWS
- add new hitpoints structure
2017-06-12 config
- add vanilla TGP
- add CA_throttle to Rsc_SU35_UnitInfo
- add sonic boom
- add ejection seat
- add sensors from F-18, slighly adjusted
2017-06-10 config, model
- change cannon reloadTime from 0.1 to 0.05 (higher ROF)
- add support for dynamic loadout (AWS and Vanilla)
- add Russian MFCD text

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