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Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2017
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Community Base Addons A3 vom CBA Team (v3.3.1.170504) [Verschiedenes]
07.05.2017 von miller

Community Base Addons A3

Zielsetzung des Projekts ist die Kompatibilität zwischen den Community Addons.
• Extended Eventhandlers: Offizielle Portierung von XEH.
• Funktionsbibliothek: In die BIS-Funktions-Module intrgiert.
• Viele andere Dinge an die man nicht denken würde, die aber benötigt werden...
• Die vollständige Dokumentation findet ihr unter DevHeaven.

Benötigte Addons:

CBA Team


Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop Foren


What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:
• Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
• Aims to have community wide acceptance and to be used as much as possible by community addons to maintain compatibility.
• The community is very much encouraged to request or submit functionality
- The most obvious example would be to submit functions to be included in the CBA function library.

• Extended Eventhandlers (XEH)
• Function and Macro Libraries
• Key Management
• Custom Events System
• Author and Credits system
• Help System
• Versioning System
• UI System

Online wiki at
Online function library reference at

Known issues:
Arma 3 Alpha STABLE BRANCH - Build 0.56.104778
* A3 CBA Causing RPT spam -

Arma 3 Alpha DEVELOPMENT BRANCH - Build 0.55.104711
* A3 CBA Causing RPT spam -

We need feedback on the following:
* - CBA for A3 Causes Radio Messages to Play Twice on Infantry and Helicopter Showcases

Credits & Thanks:
CBA Team, with contributions of:
- Alef
- Denisko-Redisko
- Dr EyeBall
- Jaynus
- Killswitch
- kju
- Kronzky
- MuzzleFlash
- Nou
- q1184
- Rocko
- Rommel
- Sickboy
- Solus
- Spooner
- tcp
- Vigilante
- Wolffy.Au
- Xeno

Special thanks to:
- Mikero - for his excellent PBO tools and support
- The community - for testing, feedback, mass adoption
- ACE team - for contributions, mass adoption and testing opportunity
- Dev-Heaven - for project hosting, issue tracker.
- SIX Updater - for hosting and distributing development versions.
- Bohemia Interactive - for creating the ultimate simulation
- Big thanks to ViperMaul, BarmArmy and Rocko for their work on the conversion.


Weitere Infos: Installation von Addons




- Hotfix release addressing a crash when loading a savegame.

FIXED: Maps with "Wooden Power Pole" objects crash when loaded from save (#661, #663) commy2

ADDED: Function to report all CBA namespaces (#608) commy2
ADDED: Functions to convert CBA hashes into CBA namespaces and vice versa (#609) commy2
ADDED: Some Japanese translations (#626) classicarma
ADDED: Function to add options to pause menu (#634) commy2
ADDED: Debug Console to the single player Virtual Arsenal mission (#643) commy2
IMPROVED: Settings framework (#510, #580, #606, #624, #640, #641) PabstMirror, jonpas, commy2
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_removeXCargo functions to retain items properly (#596) jonpas
IMPROVED: Init-box size and enabled local variables and return values (#612, #620) commy2
IMPROVED: A description in the defend and patrol modules (#618) McDiod
IMPROVED: Performance of CBA namespaces (#619) commy2
IMPROVED: Extended Debug Console (#625) commy2
IMPROVED: CBA Keybinds are translated according to the keyboard language (#631) commy2
IMPROVED: Some array functions (#635, #636) Dorbedo
FIXED: Eden-Editor hotkey for Config Viewer not working (#611) commy2
FIXED: Unit player eventhandler not called when leaving remote control (#615, #617) dedmen
FIXED: A missing stringtable entry (#621) PabstMirror
FIXED: CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler broken for respawning units (#622) PabstMirror
FIXED: A inconsistency with the initPost eventhandler (#628) commy2
FIXED: Addon credits and versions in main and pause menu (#629, #637) commy2

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