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ArmA 3 Aegis von Night515 (27.07.17 Alpha) [Module]
27.07.2017 von miller

ArmA 3 Aegis

Das Addon enthält eine inoffizielle Erweiterung, mit Verbesserungen gegenüber der Vanilla-Version.


27.07.17 Alpha

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Arma 3 Aegis is an unofficial "expansion" that aims to overhaul, expand, and improve the vanilla experience.

A variety of new weapons, vehicles, and equipment further develop existing factions and content, with new assets commissioned such as a new VTOL fighter jet, cargo plane, several shotguns, multiple factions, and more. Additional tweaks have been made to overhaul vanilla content, such as improving magazine size and ammo count to liken assets to their real-life counterparts.

Arma 3 Aegis is currently in it's alpha stage, meaning some of its content is yet to be implemented. The project itself is being taken in a new direction after extensive evaluation and planning. Enjoy! Do not reupload without permission.

- New factions, including ION, Raven Security, British Armed Forces, and Altian Police. Viper has also been expanded into its own faction
- New weapons, such as the AA-40, Bulldog, M4 SSAS shotguns, C-1911, Mk26, P99 handguns, Mk16, Mk17 assault rifles, Mk6A autonomous mortar, and the Warfare-50 anti-material rifle
- New vehicles, like the C-192 Samson cargo plane, F-35F Lightning II VTOL fighter jet, and the Zamak LRS
- New attachments, including the DCL-120, SRS, TWS Sniper, as well as a variety of sound and flash suppressors
- New variants of existing vehicles, such as medical APCs and helicopters
- New textures for existing vehicles, including Pacific reskins for BLUFOR vehicles and OPFOR aircraft
- New equipment and gear
- Improved textures for existing equipment and gear
- Improved soundscape, such as shell ejection sounds for tank cannons
- Expanded content for all factions
- Overhauled weapons and magazines according to their real-life counterparts


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27.07.17 Alpha
- Added: Punisher 25 mm Grenade Launcher (airburst isn't functional currently)
- Added: UCPT faction (infantry only currently)
- Added: Heavy Grenadier for NATO faction
- Added: Desert and Woodland infantry for NATO Atlantic Forces
- Added: MSE-3 Marid, PO-30 Orca for the Clouds faction
- Added: Hunter, Offroad, Prowler for the Flames faction
- Added: Desert, Woodland, and Urban uniforms for NATO Atlantic Forces
- Added: UK MTP helmets for NATO Atlantic Forces
- Added: Olive texture source for the Mora
- Added: Sand & Olive texture source for the Tempest
- Added: New shot samples for the Mk16
- Added: New shot samples for the Mk17
- Added: New shot samples for the SA80
- Added: Optional CBA compatibility file
- Tweaked: "Netted Modular Helmet" was renamed to "Modular Helmet Mk.6"
- Tweaked: "Modular Helmet (Camo)" was renamed to "Modular Helmet Mk.7"
- Tweaked: NVG slot Goggles' weight was reduced to match their facewear counterpart
- Tweaked: The Samson's TGP camera memory point was repositioned
- Tweaked: The Lightning II's enter and exit animations have been corrected
- Tweaked: CSAT's Buzzard textures were improved
- Tweaked: The "dark_mtp" optional file has been integrated
- Tweaked: The "bipod" memory point was repositioned for all weapons
- Tweaked: The ACOG's scope view was improved
- Tweaked: The Lightning II's PhysX was improved slightly (WIP)
- Tweaked: The Samson's PhysX was improved slightly (WIP)
- Fixed: The SA80's GL animations were unfinished
- Fixed: The Samson's gear clipped through the hull
- Fixed: The Samson's instruments and controls didn't animate properly
- Fixed: The ACOG's red dot was visible while not aiming
- Fixed: The Strider HMG's commander position wasn't accessible

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