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Freitag, 21. September 2018
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Dan's Small Objects Mod [EVO] von [evo] dan (v1.0) [Objekte]
20.04.2017 von miller

Dan's Small Objects Mod [EVO]

[evo] dan


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I've been wanting to make a mod that adds some small/unusual objects/vehicles to Arma since Arma 2, but I've never really had the time or more importantly the talent to make anything for the game. Hopefully i'll get around to making some other objects (i'll take some requests as to what people want with regards logistical items - remember I'm a noob at modelling and texturing). My focus has been on learning how to make logistical objects as I feel these are lacking within Arma itself, and now that Arma is starting to lend itself to it (ViV, PhysX etc) rather than having to mod it in with scripts.

I've been working on learning how to mod within Arma 3 and finally have made something that i'm happy to release to the community. I'll probably add more reskins of the object in future releases alongside some more objects hopefully as and when I get time to make them.

Anyway, here is the first release package - yes its small, but I think it will help me to gather feedback from the community on how to improve and if logistical objects are worth continuing to make. The barrel contains 800 units of fuel which will refuel the Huron about 60%. These barrels are also explosive if you shoot at them and can be slingloaded around via a Littlebird. The barrels can be found in Things>Small Items.

Included in the package is:
- A single barrel object which comes in 2 different skins.
- A ambush mission on Tanoa which involves the use of the barrels as part of the mission. Please note that this mission uses CUP and Apex.
- The unwrapped exported UV texture which you can use to create new reskins of the barrel. (Hidden Selection = "CAMO_LOD1")
- Signed server keys.


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