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Custom AI Creator von BlacKnightBK (v1.0) [Skripte]
11.04.2017 von miller

Custom AI Creator

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Custom AI Creator
Welcome everyone to Custom AI Creator v 1.0. This is a remake of my previous ones 0.1 and 0.2 in which this time the functions are gets saved in the CFG Functions instead of being read from the mission file. To know more about the benefits of the CFG Functions, click here :)

Other updates of this file are now I have re-written the function setAiLoadout to a more efficient version and added a new function parseLoadout. These two together replace the old and awful version of setAiLoadout.

This version of the CAC only spawns the AIs and sets their gear, future updates will be creating functions that task those AIs. Already started on those :)
I have documented all the functions in google docs. The functions that need you to set them up I have written detailed instructions on how you can set them up :)
If you find any difficulty in understanding a function please let me know. I am always on TS: and on the forums here :)

You are free to use the file as you wish as long as you keep the credits. You can edit the functions too as you wish however would appreciate letting me know if the changes you make would be useful to the rest of the community.
Re-uploading the file is not allowed without permission (unless on ArmaHolic). I would like to keep tabs on file so when I feel it needs updating I can easily do it.
You can re-share this file with others as you wish as long as you do not re-upload it to the public.

Credits in the document, please read them and please respect them. Do not forget to give me feedback.

Custom AI’s Creator.docx

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