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US MARSOC Marine Raiders [SFF] von jarrad96 (v1.3) [Module]
28.12.2016 von miller

US MARSOC Marine Raiders [SFF]

Das Addon enthält ein United States MARSOC Marine Raider Regiment.



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3
Specialist Military Arms (SMA)
MRT Accessory Functions
VSM - Vests and Helmets
VSM - Accessory
VSM - Uniforms
TF47 Launchers

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Special Forces Faction mod [SFF] that contains the United States MARSOC Marine Raider Regiment.

They form one of the Special Forces units in the Marine Corps, and are under the command of MARSOC- Marine Special Operations Command. The faction contains several units of Raiders, with supporting Scout elements and light vehicle and helicopter support.
The faction is based upon photos and helmet-camera footage, primarily on a deployment in 2010 to the Farah province, Bala Baluk District, Afghanistan, 2010, but I also have sources from 2012, 2013 and 2016.

Named after the Marine Raiders unit from WW2, the Marine Raiders are a Marine Special Forces unit, created as the Marine's element of SOCOM, Special Operations Command, in 2005- members were drawn from other Marine SF units such as Force Recon. The unit was initially trained by the Navy SEALS but is now independent.

The Marine Raiders units have a distinct appearance, being one of the only remaining combat units in the US who still use the M81 Woodland Camo pattern. Armaments consist of 2 primary infantry rifles- the Daniel Defence MK18 and the FN SCAR-H, in both Marksman roles and as an infantry weapon. Supporting units carry weapons such as the M27 IAR (Fireteam Level) and M249 SAW (Squad level) with other weapons including small numbers of M4A1's, SCAR-L's and 338. Lapua Magnum rifles. They wear M81 Woodland camo with Tan equipment.

The Raiders have support from a Raider Scout team, who are lightly armored, fast moving infiltration units who carry heavy 7.62 battle rifles as standard, and have supressors. The Scouts have less body armor than the regular Raiders, but have much heavier firepower and access to long-range rifles such as the 338. Lapua Magnum.

They have vehicle support from Light Strike Vehicles and from APC's, who can also transport a heavily armed assault team as a Quick-Reaction-Force (QRF) The Raiders also have helicopter support from a MH-60 aircraft or Zodiac boat for insertions.

Faction has full Editor, Zeus, Task Force Radio and ALiVE support (faction name MR ) Also supports ACE3 Medical system.


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Improved the Scout units- they now have camo facepaint as standard, and additional pistol ammo.
New Insignias that will be on upons when spawned- the Marine Raiders element have full-color flashes, while the Scouts have subdued variants.

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