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Montag, 22. Oktober 2018
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75th Ranger Regiment / PMC Contractors [SFF] von jarrad96 (v1.3) [Module]
28.12.2016 von miller

75th Ranger Regiment / PMC Contractors [SFF]

Das Addon enthält US 75th Ranger Regiment sowie PMC Contractor Forces.



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3
Specialist Military Arms (SMA)
MRT Accessory Functions
VSM - Vests and Helmets
VSM - Accessory
VSM - Uniforms
TF47 Launchers

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop Foren


Special Forces Faction mod [SFF] that adds the US 75th Ranger Regiment. Also includes a small PMC Contractor force.

The Ranger Regiment bridge the gap between Special Forcesunit and the regular military, with superior equipment and training to Army units but performing a wide range of missions including direct action, airfield seizure, airborne and air assaults, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, and High-Value Target raids.
Motto- "Rangers lead the way!"

The 75th Ranger Regiment faction consists of Ranger units wearing Multicam uniforms and armed with Daniel Defence mk18's and FN SCAR-H's. The Rangers use period accurate equipment and weapons based on photgraphs and helmet camera footage taken from July 2014 through to December 2015 deployment tour of the 75th Ranger Regiment to Afganistan. Marksmen and command units are issued SCAR-H's, while regular Ranger infantrymen get Mk18's. They also have M249 SAWS issued on the fireteam level, with platoon level issue of MMGs.

A small PMC Contractor faction is also included, with equipment dating to between 2008 and 2011 in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The PMC units consist of smaller teams, with lighter equipment, including mixed civilian and military equipment, armed with primarily M4A1 Carbines, supported by the occasional DMR or autorifleman- Many of the PMC's have significantly lighter armor and gear than the Rangers, acting as more security and HVT protection or bodyguards than actual frontline combat units. They also have a small bodyguard team for escorting allied HVT's or VIP's.

Chinooks give the Rangers the ability to deploy platoon sized elements on the ground quickly, as a QRF or rapid assault force. They have forces varying from light recon units and sentry teams to full squads, as well as an MMG team for when greater supression is needed. They have heavy heavy fire support if they need it, ranging from a RAH-66 Commanche gunship, M270 MLRS rockets and A-10 Warthog CAS. All aircraft are piloted by the 160th SOAR, a special forces alligned pilot unit, and they have a range of rotor aircraft such as MH-6 Little birds, Chinooks, and AH-6 Littlebirds.

The PMC contractors are grouped as Infantry units, and the various Ranger teams are Special Forces and Air Support.

Faction has full Editor, Zeus, Task Force Radio, ACE3 and ALiVE support (faction name BLU_AI )
Set ALiVE unit type to 'infantry' to spawn contractors, and to 'S.F' to spawn Ranger teams.


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- Minor kit updates.

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