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A3 Bundeswehr Vehicle Retexture Pack von Williams/OsiriZ 2016 (v1.0.0) [Addon Pack]
14.09.2016 von miller

A3 Bundeswehr Vehicle Retexture Pack

Das Addon enthält Bundeswehr Fahrzeuge, die den "BW-Mod" ergänzen.

Williams/OsiriZ 2016


Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop Foren


Flecktarn (German Woodland) Version.

This mod is meant to bridge the gap of missing logistical vehicles for communities and groups using the BWMod by retexturing Arma III vanilla vehicles to Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) standards. Note that some of the names are based upon real vehicles, some are fictional.
I'm planning a Tropentarn (desert-camo) version in a seperate release in the future.

- Flecktarn (German Woodland) camo for all vehicles. (Tropentarn (German Desert) camo is planned for a separate future release)
- Custom textures for each vehicle.
- Custom dirt maps for each vehicle to make it feel more realistic.
- Accurate tactical signs.
- Individual license plates for each vehicle.
- Adding unarmed transport and medevac versions the Arma and Pandur APC's through hiding the turrets.
- All vehicles have accurate BWMod units in them when placed via Editor or Zeus.
- All vehicles have custom inventory loadout's featuring weapons like the G36 / MG4 / PzF3 and ammunition from the BWMod.
- All vehicles are fully compatible with the Editor / Zeus / Garage.

- Geländewagen (Flecktarn)
- Geländewagen Feldjäger (Flecktarn)
- Geländewagen Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- SPw Fennek (Flecktarn)
- SPw Fennek SAN (Flecktarn)
- SPw Fennek 1A2 SMG 12.7mm (Flecktarn)
- SPw Fennek 1A2 GMW 40mm (Flecktarn)
- M-ATV (Flecktarn)
- M-ATV SMG 12.7mm (Flecktarn)
- M-ATV GMW 40mm (Flecktarn)
- M-ATV SAN (Flecktarn)
- LKW7T Transport (Flecktarn)
- LKW7T Transport Abgedeckt (Flecktarn)
- LKW7T SAN (Flecktarn)
- LKW7T Treibstoff (Flecktarn)
- LKW7T Munition (Flecktarn)
- LKW7T Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- LKW7T Generator (Flecktarn)
- LKW15T Multi Container (Flecktarn)
- LKW15T Treibstoff (Flecktarn)
- LKW15T Munition (Flecktarn)
- LKW15T Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- GTK Arma FLW (Flecktarn)
- GTK Arma Transport (Flecktarn)
- GTK Arma SAN (Flecktarn)
- GTK Pandur II FSW (Flecktarn)
- GTK Pandur II Transport (Flecktarn)
- GTK Pandur II SAN (Flecktarn)
- BPz Nemmera (Flecktarn)
- PzH Sholef 155mm (Flecktarn)

- MH6 Heer Transport
- AH6 Heer LNU
- AW159 Heer Transport
- AW159 Heer SAR
- AW159 Heer LNU
- AW101 Heer Transport
- AW101 Heer SAR
- CH67 Heer Transport
- CH67 Heer SAR
- Taru LH Heer

Special thanks to
Koffeinflummi and the whole BWMod Team for giving me the permission
to use they're content and for the great mod. (

Zigomarvin for his "usable cargoramp script"

Bohemia Interactive for the awesome games and trey're support for the modding community

Additional Info
Please let me know if you have any ideas to make this addon better
or if there are any Bugs appearing i will try to fix them asap.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


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// Vehicles
- added: Geländewagen (Flecktarn)
- added: Geländewagen Feldjäger (Flecktarn)
- added: Geländewagen Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek 1A2 SMG 12.7mm (Flecktarn)
- added: SPw Fennek 1A2 GMW 40mm (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV SMG 12.7mm (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV GMW 40mm (Flecktarn)
- added: M-ATV SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Transport (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Transport Abgedeckt (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Treibstoff (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Munition (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW7T Generator (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Multi Container (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Treibstoff (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Munition (Flecktarn)
- added: LKW15T Instandsetzung (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Arma FLW (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Arma Transport (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Arma SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Pandur II FSW (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Pandur II Transport (Flecktarn)
- added: GTK Pandur II SAN (Flecktarn)
- added: BPz Nemmera (Flecktarn)
- added: PzH Sholef 155mm (Flecktarn)
- added: MH6 Heer Transport
- added: AH6 Heer LNU
- added: AW159 Heer Transport
- added: AW159 Heer SAR
- added: AW159 Heer LNU
- added: AW101 Heer Transport
- added: AW101 Heer SAR
- added: CH67 Heer Transport
- added: CH67 Heer SAR
- added: Taru LH Heer
// Scripts
- added: Usable Cargo Ramp Script to AW101 plus user actions for openable doors.

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a3OsiriZ 2016

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