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Montag, 19. November 2018
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Beketov von dead kennedy (1.0) [Inseln]
22.08.2017 von miller


dead kennedy


Benötigte Addons:
Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Maps
Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Core

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop Foren


Version: 0.88b
Location: Central Russia
Type of the landscape: rural
Map size: 20x20 km (400 km^2)
Number of 3d-objects: ~1,5 million
Number of settlements: > 50
Suitable for: individual, squad, platoon or company simulation

I. Map's description.
1. Geography.
Beketov district is a part of Uisk region. Beketov urban-type settlement is located 75km away from Uisk and 340 km to the East from the Moscow.

2. History.
Sobakino village of Uisk province is mentioned in documents since the second half of XVII century. It belonged to Dergunov-Sobakins landlords. In the middle of XIX century, the village became the state-owned property and acquired the status of a district center. In 1935 the village of Sobakino was renamed in Beketov urban-type settlement. It was named after one of the activists of Uisk Bolsheviks party. A few of collective farms (kolhozes) were formed right away in that new Beketov district.

3. Population.
Population — 10255 citizens (according to 2010 population census). Of these, the urban population - 5428 people, villagers — 4827 people. The ethnic composition of population — 95% Russians, 4% Tatars, 1% — else.

4. Economy.
The economy of the district is mostly formed of agriculture, forestry and service sectors. The largest enterprise — Beketov chapel factory which is on the brink of bankruptcy since 1993. There are also operating a few open joint stock companies (OJSC) «Krasnoselskiy elevator», «Studenetsky distillery» and private enterprise of Kevorkyan S. G.

Culture, education and health service.

The cultural objects are represented by «Vperyod!» ("Forward!") cinema theater (Beketov urban-type settlement), the house of culture of Krasnye seltsy village and lots of churches. There are Cathedral In the Name of Entry into Jerusalem (Beketov urban-type settlement), Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Krasnye Seltsy village), Church of All Saints (Karavayky village) among them. Also, there is a ruined Armanihinsk church there (Armaniha village) and Dergunov-Sobakins farmstead which is preserved to our days.

Educational institutions are represented by 11 schools and 1 professional lyceum. There are 5 libraries, 11 smaller health centers, and Beketov Central Hospital.

II. Authors and credits
Authors: Dead_Kennedy, SenChi (landscape, forest, most of Beketov urban-type settlement).

Gratitudes: The author is grateful to everyone who helped to create the island - 3D-objects artists, technical problems solutions assistants: das Camper, argument, Shelestov, udaloy, Yanot and other good people.

III. Known bugs and shortcomings
Keep in mind that this is Beta-version and there are a few errors on the map.
- Some of the fences are rising up when destroyed. This bug is there because of there's no way to add a line in geometry lod because the object is in ODOL format. Link to the object: beketov_ob\Pale_Wood2_5.p3d
- Geometry problems with road police post building (vtn_bdg_post_md), postal office building (vtn_bdg_postoffice).
- No moon at night.
- River fords are marked as roads on the map (left as is for the testing purpose).

- The necessity to change the color of river water to green-brown.
- On the territory of Beketov urban-type settlement, there are a few large buildings with no local infrastructure.
- The necessity of an airstrip.
- The necessity to darken/lighten parts of satellite map according to heights map.
- The necessity of cemeteries.
- The necessity of electrical infrastructure improvement — adding of tranformator and power lines in some settlements and factories.

Additional 3D-objects needed.
- Standart building of a common village house of culture.
- Standart school building of bricks or concrete panels.
- New administration building with an interior.
- New building of road police post.
- Tombstones, flower beds and fences for the cemetery.

The author would gladly accept any help in fixing those shortcomings. Also, I'm looking for a person who would shoot a nice promotional video for the Beketov map.


Weitere Infos: Installation von Addons



- NEW: Concrete airstrip on the West.
- NEW: Many inprovements and details in every settlement around the whole map.
- NEW: Many groups of several trees and shrubs around the whole map to provide a better hideout for the infantry.
- NEW: Many new field roads.
- NEW: A dozen of farms, general stores, storages and other non-residental structures around the map.
- NEW: Several natural POIs and viewpoints around the map.
- NEW: Some loading texts.
- CHANGED (test): Birch trees has been replaced to birches from the ACR DLC.
- CHANGED: More detailed landscape texture (the satmap).
- CHANGED: More streetlights around the whole map.
- FIXED: Wooden fences now crashes properly.
- FIXED: A "WorldSize" parameter in the config now returns a real size of the map.
- FIXED: Most of minor bugs that caused unwanted entries in the arma3.rpt
- FIXED: Many minor bugs with buildings, trees in the middle of the roads, etc.
- FIXED: A "factory2" building now causes no error at the mission start.
- FIXED: More accurate placing of the village names on the map.

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