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POOK AFV Pack (ArmA2 Port) von hcpookie (v2.2) [Radfahrzeuge]
08.02.2017 von miller

POOK AFV Pack (ArmA2 Port)

Das Addon enthält verschiedene gepanzerte Kampffahrzeuge, einige aus dem bereits veröffentlichten Pandur (ArmA2 Port) Pack



Benötigte Addons:
POOK Camonets
Community Upgrade Project - Vehicles Pack
Community Base Addons A3
Community Upgrade Project - Units Pack
Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack

Weitere Infos:


This is a combined AFV pack which is a port of my A2 BRDM-2 pack, A2 BTR-60 pack, a new BTR-80, and a major update my Pandur release. This supercedes my previous "standalone" Pandur pack.

Fixed all the observed/reported issues and resolved lighting issues w/ the new A3 lighting configuration. Also fixed the scripting errors with the HQ outpost site. The same pics are still available on the original release thread: http://forums.bistud...from-a2-release

BRDM2 pack.
Finally managed to get it imported into A3. All the features of the BRDM2 pack are present. NEW 3D model for 9K31 (SA9) 3D launcher.

BTR60 pack.
Same thing as BRDM2 pack... all features of the A2 BTR60 pack are present. Sit-on-top cargo positions are not FFV due to animation limitations.

BTR80 pack.
New. Port of Citizenship's BTR80 3D model. New unique texture sets for factions.

The PDF guide describes all of the models and versions in detail, so I will not get that deeply into all the unique versions here. However here are a few major details of interest:
• New "AFV" editor classes, and new preview pics.
• Various Forest and Desert texture sets based on faction
• Enhanced 3D model with walkable interior, and fully articulated surfaces and hatches
• New versions based on Real Life examples, with accurate cargo complement
• Foliage camouflage that can be user-deployed
• Camouflage netting in user-selectable colors that is MP-synchronized
• Signal panel banner for easy identification from the air
• Climbable exterior (access from the rear) and walkable top deck and interior
• Night marker “green glow” convoy lights
• Fully articulated water fording gear and propellers
• Random MP-synchronized “clutter” and insignia decals
• Working gas can (refuel action) and spare tires on some models


Weitere Infos: Installation von Addons



- FIX: Incorrect 9K31 (SA9) CDF/RU side/faction assignments
- FIX: Incorrect HQ class assignments for several factions
- FIX: 2A42 cannon animations
- FIX: Some vehicles drive under water: Pandur M2 / slat, Pandur SP30 / slat, BRDM2 9K31 (SA9), BRDM2 ASRAD, BRDM2 Police Models
- FIX: Distance LOD issues on some vehicles: Pandur M2 / slat, Pandur SP30 / slat
- FIX: Pandur MGS: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.CUP_12Rnd_TE1_Red_Tracer_105mmHE_M68_Cannon_M'
- FIX: RPT Error dur to Pandur INIT script
- FIX: RPT errors dur to Pandur parts' model configs
- FIX: BRDM2 PhysX wheel height
- FIX: BRDM2 missing engine idle noises
- FIX: Pandur mortar driver view missing PIP view
- FIX: Some preview images were incorrect
- FIX: Improved rear ramp script to better synchronize in MP JIP situations
- FIX: Some
- IMPROVED: 2A42 cannon shell eject and muzzle effects
- IMPROVED: Pandur engine sounds
- IMPROVED: 9K31 (SA9) missile launch effects aligned with missile – no more offset smoke effects!
- NEW: BPM-97 APC family. Standard transport w/ FFV, 2A42 cannon, and Ambulance models
- NEW: Ambulance versions for Pandur and BPM-97 with day/night emergency lights
- NEW: 3D model for Pandur Ambulance
- NEW: POOK_AFV Folder name and mod.cpp to assist with hosted server management and download solutions
- NEW: Day/night convoy flashing light for certain Pandur models
- NEW: Radio ambience scripts

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