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Donnerstag, 20. September 2018
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ArmA-UI-Editor (The Future of UI-Editing in ArmA) von X39 (v0.3.6022.31814 alpha) [Editing Tools]
27.06.2016 von miller

ArmA-UI-Editor (The Future of UI-Editing in ArmA)

Das Addon enthält ein ArmA UI-Editor


0.3.6022.31814 alpha

Benötigte Addons:

Weitere Infos:


The Future of UI-Editing in ArmA.

• Full support of all base UI Elements in ArmA (RscText, RscButton, ...)
• AddIns:
- Simple addition of new UI Elements & properties
- New Styles
- Translations
• Syntax-Highlighting & Syntax Check
• Live-View of the final layout (realized in XAML --> actual UI might look slightly different from the one in the UI-Editor)
• Properties Panel to change most properties with ease (planned is to cover all properties ... but some controls are quite complex and documentation is ... large)
• Loading of Ingame-UI-Editor saves
• Saving & Loading of the UI-Config without a special format for the editor (everything is saved as •class)
• PreProcessor support
• Basic SQF Handling for eg. X/Y/W/H fields
• Generation of OpenDialog and CloseDialog functions for simple use (and to be able to assign events from inside of the UI-Editor)
• Auto-Updater which will inform you about updates for AddIns and/or the tool itself
• "Marketplace" for AddIns (actually just some special hosting page for them which will be connected to some UI inside of the tool)
• Visual-Studio like Window Management
• Grid-Snapping with custom grid size
• Multi-Move/Resize
• UI-Canvas zooming

Die Datei "AUE_ALPHA_0.3.6017.38772.exe" ausführen.



v0.3.6022.31814 alpha
- Relative Resizing of multiple elements
- More code cleanup
- Added Events to AddIns
- Added EventSnap (currently just dummy without any purpose)
- You now can add what has happened before a crash so that i can fix it more simple
- SelectionOverlay now scales with display canvas
- Altered AddIn structure
- SQF properties can now be added (for now, just finite, not infinite ones as i need to rethink the UI for such things)
- property Groups are now sorted by name


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