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Spyder Addons von spyderblack723 (25.01.2017) [Editing Tools]
25.01.2017 von miller

Spyder Addons

Das Addon enthält eine Sammlung von Modulen und Skripten für Missionen.



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3
ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment ((Only for Civilian Interaction and Insurgency modules))

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop


Spyder Addons
A collection of modules and scripts designed to aid mission makers in adding depth to their missions. This mod was created to help mission makers add depth to their missions with ease through the use of modules. Paired with a greater mission making tool such as ALiVE, entire missions can be created almost solely through the use of modules. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to grant every request, but I love to hear suggestions that would make your life easier.

A few screenshots can be viewed here: http://steamcommunit...ue&id=579263829

Civilian Interaction
- Integrated with ALiVE
- Ask civilians about personal details such as where they live in order to collect intel
- Ask civilians about insurgent activity in the area
- Ask civilians about nearby civilians that may be preparing to commit an act of terror
- Order civilians to "Get Down", "Go Away", and "Detain" them in order to maintain control over the situation
- All information is persistent thanks to ALiVE's Civilian Population system

Requires: ALiVE
Usage: Define insurgent faction being used

Loadout Organizer
- Create folders to store loadouts and other folders
- Save, Load, Delete, and Name loadouts
- View class gear before loading it
- Transfer loadouts and folders to other players and AI (configurable)
- Access Virtual Arsenal (configurable)
- Choose a loadout to automatically load class on respawn

Usage: Sync module to object to add the loadout manager action to it

- Specify entire factions of units to whitelist
-Whitelist units
- Blacklist units
- View unit gear before recruiting them
- Set a maximum limit of units that a player may recruit into his squad at one time

Usage: Sync module to object to add recruit action to it

Vehicle Spawner
- Specify entire factions of vehicles to whitelist
- Whitelist vehicles
- Blacklist vehicles
- Whitelist vehicle types (plane, car, truck,armored etc)
- Blacklist vehicle types (plane, car, truck,armored etc)
- View vehicle characteristics such as top speed, number of passenger seats, fuel consumption and more prior to spawning it

Usage: Sync module to object to add vehicle spawner action to it

- Randomly spawned animal herds, civilian vehicles, undercover enemy vehicles
- Enable/disable each feature
- Each feature is customizable to fit the mission maker's preferences.
- Units are only spawned when players are near
- Define spawn ranges
- Whitelist/Blacklist location markers
- Define locations where ambiance will exist

Usage: Place module and input preferred parameters

Insurgency (WIP --> Currently disabled due to lack of time)
- Establish recruitment HQ's, weapon depots, and IED factories.
- Recruit civilians
- Plan coordinated assaults

Requires: ALiVE
Usage: Sync module to players to enable them to have access to insurgent abilities.

This module could use some love. Creating a realistic and believable detection system in Arma
while maintaining a low performance impact is a challenge
- Create scenarios with players as the guerilla fighters
- Define hostile sides
- Define cooldown timer
- Restricted areas
- Customize whether players can drive offroad without being hostile
- Customize speed limit
- Restrict certain vehicles/faction vehicles as hostile
- Define incognito vehicles which allow you to pose as the enemy
- Define detection values for each on foot, in vehicle, and incognito vehicles
- Define clothing that will cause the player to be hostile/incognito

Usage: Sync module to players to have them tracked by the detection system

Documentation is very work-in-progress but can be found here

Author - SpyderBlack723
Logo - Jezter804
Code adjustments - Dixon13
Testing and Feedback - AUTigerGrad, HeroesandVillansOS
Thanks to everyone who uses the mod, gives feedback and/or reports any bugs!


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- [sup_vehiclespawn] Optimized interface opening, Added custom condition for spawn field
- [amb_ambiance] Added warning note to locations field
- [sup_loadout] Absolutely nothing
- [civ_calltoprayer] Loudspeakers only play sound if they are not destroyed, fix issue where call to prayer was initialized on each connecting client

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