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Ravage - A Mission von CosmiC10R (RC0.1) [SP Mission]
11.01.2016 von miller

Ravage - A Mission




Benötigte Addons:
Ravage Mod
Community Base Addons A3


Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions Ordner.


You and up to 3 SF team members are dropped into Altis. Doctor O Neil has left a trail of destruction starting on Altis. We are currently tracking him ... That is not your concern for now. Your Mission is to find his Laptops left on Altis, so HQ can triangulate the location of the device and destroy whatever is creating the infection on Altis.
You may be re tasked by Admiral Delacourt depending on how you complete the Mission.

Mission Score,See how high you can score on Each playthrough.
Randomized Laptop Locations.
Randomized Device Locations.
Randomized Insert Locations and team mates. from no teamates up to 3.
Randomized Extraction Location.
Randomized Intel locations on each playthrough.
Bandit camps will be marked on your map when you find the Intel photo associated with that camp. You cannot find them before that.
Random civilian Save side missions.
Save a Soldier and Recruit Side missions
Bandit Cache Side missions
All While trying to survive in a Ravaged World.
Start with a team. Loot Supplies. This could take awhile.

Additional mission info:
Main Mission:
- Download the data from the 3 Laptops hidden on Altis. Markers will be added to your map when you get close enough. You will STILL have to search the area.
- Find and then Destroy the Device and get out of there.
- Finding all Laptops allows final objective to be given by Admiral Delacourt, after O Neil's device is destroyed, we will attempt an extract.
- Finding Laptops gives Ravage Mission Points, and destroying the device also gives Mission Points
- Random number of teammates. From 0-3 teammembers.
- Randomized Insertion Locations
- Randomized Vital Loot on Insertion.

Side Missions: Zombified Skin Record. The Doctor was losing his mind. Find the notes he made on Zombified skin.
- Random locations around Altis
- Finding Records gives Ravage Mission Points

Secret Documents: Reveals storyline around the White Plague.
- Random Locations around Altis
- Finding Plague Documents gives Ravage Mission Points

Intel Photos: Marks Bandit Camp Locations On map for Raiding
- Bandit Camps have weapons and vital items.
- Finding Bandit Camp Photos gives Ravage Mission Points

Random Soldier and Civilian Missions: Civilians were left on Altis, Save them.
- Civilians Radio when nearby.
- Find and release them possibly after defeating a Bandit Patrol.
- Bandits Patrols that are around civilian give Ravage Mission points per kill.
- Saving Civilian gives Mission Points and If civilian is able to extract (beyond your control), you get additional Ravage score Points.
- There are a few Soldiers left on Altis.
- When you Save a soldier he can join your group.

Random Destory Missions
- Bandits are searching for Caches, Occasionally HQ will send you the location but you must beat the bandits there or we lose position.
- Kill the bandits and Secure the weapons for your mission effort.

Civilian and Soldier Graves
- Find them to learn the story from that Grave and get unique loot.
- Civilian graves give vital items. Soldier Graves give Military items.

Kydoimos Arma 3 medals
- Achievable with certain objective completions and point totals
- Show up in Briefings so you can see what you have earned.
- Cool Splashie when you achieve it.
- 6 Medals added based on mission points or objectives achieved.

Gameplay notes:
- Not designed for a single playthrough. I'm not even sure it would be possible to find everything on a map the size of Altis and stay alive... but hey... give er a rip...
- Designed to add things to the Ravaged world, with events cropping up as you search for the laptops
- hints will pop up saying you are near intel or a laptop... YOU will still have to search... a lot....
- Dr. O'Neil had a thing for churches, places by the water and military installations... just sayin...
Intel will usually be just outside a location to prevent it being in the floor. Same with desks... Yes.. it looks a little weird sometimes ... lol
- No Markers on Landing on Altis... Head Inland and begin your search.
- Don't forget to look for the sack at the Heli Position after insertion. You will begin with whatever the Pilots can spare so search that sack.
- Press 0-0-6 to check your mission points
- Ravage options menu is present to turn off color filter or save the game.
- Don't waste time with geiger or antirad. Radiations currently below nominal levels on Altis.
- Not Designed for Civ spawn mods such as TPW... Frogs... I'm looking at you :P
- I had my Ai teammate cut down by the Blackhawk mini gun on insertion a couple of times... get clear of those... the hurons is high enough its not so bad....
- Every now and then the Ai civ cant pathfind out of a building... leave him behind....
- close the config bin entry on startup... not sure what it is ... mission works fine...
- Report any bugs... I will try but no guarantees in arma
- If you have a squad, order disembark on descent to avoid confusion and Blue on Blue fire

- When I had it all together, I went to sit down to start... and had no idea where to begin... and I made the darn thing... I think that is a good thing... we will see

Known issues:
- Laptops are on desks and can look out of place outside. I did this to save the weird issues with them spawning in buildings. I will get that sorted out.
- One of the tents is the Kart tent. Looks funny
- auto completion of civy rescue- I think I fixed it
- handling saved civs death
- graves sometimes spawn on roads... good jumps tho
- any number of screw ups lol.
- No\Entry error on mission start - related to laptop tasks, tried pinning that down... no luck yet
- crates at ETG crash sites don't have loot. Not sure why yet.

Future plans:
- Bandit king mission
- Custom sounds
- custom VO
- custom sounds
- more missions on diff maps
- intro and outro mission
- different insertions/extracions
- campaign retaining points (may require mods)
- other random crap

Credits & thanks:
- t800 download data from Laptop
- ETG crash and drop added with Ravage vital items.
- StTosins heli insert, parts of...
- Kydoimos Medals for A3
- Skyhook by John 611681
- Ravage by Haleks
- CBA by CBA team

Thanks to the Testers for their Invaluable feedback
-Evil Organ
-GigaS aka Jcae6798
-Bad Benson

A special Thanks to Haleks
-Awarded the - Friendly Modder Medal
-Thanks for letting me use Ravage and components of the Vanilla mission




- first release


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