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Sonntag, 28. Mai 2017
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Community Upgrade Project - Vehicles Pack vom CUP Team (v1.9.0) [Module]
10.04.2017 von miller

Community Upgrade Project - Vehicles Pack

Das Projekt ist eine Initiative, um den gesamten ArmA 2 Inhalt (+ OA und DLCs) in ArmA 3 (inclusive ArmA3 Funktionsumfang) zu implementieren.

CUP Team


Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3
Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack
Community Upgrade Project - Units Pack

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop


This is the first release for the Community Upgrade Project Vehicles pack.

- A-10C
- AH-1Z
- AH-64D
- AV-8B
- AW-159
- C-130J
- CH-47F/HC-2
- CH-53E
- DC-3/C-47
- AW-101/HC-3
- KA-50
- MH-60S
- MI-8/Mi-8MTV3/Mi-171
- MI-24D/P/V
- MI-35
- MV-22
- SU-25
- UH-60L/M

- AAV-7A1
- M1A1/M1A2 TUSK
- M113/M163 VADS
- M270
- T-55
- T-72
- ZSU-23

- Fishing Boat
- Seafox
- Zodiac

- BTR-60
- BTR-90
- Datsun
- Dingo
- Jackal
- LAV-25
- Land Rovers
- M1030
- Ural

This is a new and main thread for Community Upgrade Project. It's meant for releases, discussion and feedback, all other threads are obsolete and will be closed.
If you are asking why new thread, the answer is simple. Since Kju sadly step down from Arma modding, we cannot no longer maintain the previous thread.
However the intern situation in CUP is not changed, the project is still going forward and be ready for more updates and releases in upcoming weeks (that includes vehicle pack!). If you are asking who took over CUP, I can't give you an answer because this is still internally discussed. For now, I've taken the Kju's position as data management guy. But don't worry goals for future of CUP are already established and there are already some people that fit for the lead position.

In short
The Community Upgrade Project is the initiative to bring all the content of Arma 2
[+ OA and DLCs] from BI into Arma 3, upgraded to the Arma 3 feature set.

Its goal is to provide those assets to the community as a mod ready to use in the game,
and as an open-source repository for modders to build upon and learn from.

1, Cooperative and coordinated effort to get a coherent port of Arma 2 content
[+ OA and DLCs] from BI to ARMA 3 standards
2, Full availability of all source material under share-alike license (APL-SA).
In essence everyone can make use of the work to build mods on his own as long
as he provides credits, shares also his sources and keeps the same license
3. Release of the content in a coherent way

Content to come soon: vehicles, infantry, uniforms, terrains, objects, buildings, vegetation, wild life.
For more details on the project visit our website -


Weitere Infos: Installation von Addons




* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - Added four completely new Little Bird base models (MH-6J, MH-6M, AH-6J, AH-6M)
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - Added 26 new or modified configs for the Little Bird
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - Added ION PMC MELB and Recon MELB
* CUP_AirVehicles_AH6 - Added MH6 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_AmbientPlanes - Ambient planes (Boeing 737, Airbus A330, Cessna 172)
* CUP_AirVehicles_AmbientPlanes - Added previews
* CUP_AirVehicles_AN2 - Added AN2 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159 - Added AW159 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159 - Added RDAF Blue as a VA option (credits ravendk)
* CUP_AirVehicles_C130J - Added C130 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_CH47 - Added CH47 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_CH47 - Added RACS CH-47F variant
* CUP_AirVehicles_CH53E - Added CH53 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_DC3 - Added C47 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_HC3 - Added bitching betty
* CUP_AirVehicles_HC3 - Added HC3 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_HC3 - Added RDAF Normal and SAR (credits ravendk)
* CUP_AirVehicles_Ka60 - Added KA60 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_MH60S - Added ESSS to MH60 Sea version, needs weapon proxies added
* CUP_AirVehicles_MH60S - Added MH60S Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_MH60S - Added naval packing animation
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24 - Added CSAT Tropic variant for Mi24D/V/P
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24 - Added Mi24 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi35 - Added Mi35 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi35 - Added CSAT Tropic variant for full Mi35 Superhind lineup
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi6 - added CSAT Tropic variant for Mi-6
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi6 - Added Mi6 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi8 - Added Mi8 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_MV22 - Added MV22 Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_SA330 - Added Puma Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_StaticLine - Added the ability to enable/disable via eden editor
* CUP_AirVehicles_StaticLine - Added wind resistant for safer fall
* CUP_AirVehicles_Su25 - added CSAT Tropic variant for Su-25 Frogfoot
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH1H - Added UH1H Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH1Y - Added UH1Y Static Line support
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added base classes for Daps
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added basics for naval packing (needs more work)
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added Flir pod
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added Fuel Probe hide
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added hide-able doors
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added hide-able filters
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added model hide (foundations for MH60S)
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added navy version
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added preview images for daps
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added Sensor/Equipment hide
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added UH-60 DAP
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added UH60M Fuel Probe
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added UH60M Pylons
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Added UH60 Static Line support
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_2S6M - Added FFV - Fixes T1076
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Added AAV Unarmed
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Added Cargo/gunner compartments
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Added deployment equipment
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Added test ffv (commented out)
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_FV510 - Added cup prefix
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_M113 - Added desert M113 to the USA faction.
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_MCV80 - Added cup prefix - Fixes T1703
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_ZSU23 - Added cfgAfghan.h file. Forgotten on first commit
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_ZSU23 - Added ZSU 23 Afghanski
* CUP_WaterVehicles_LHD - Added new stair well to hangar deck
* CUP_WaterVehicles_LHD - Added side doors for dock loading
* CUP_WaterVehicles_PBX,RHIB,Zodiac - added civilian variants for PBX and Zodiac
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_HMMWV - Added HMMWV SOV M2 variant
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LAV25 - Added deployment equipment
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LAV25 - Added FFV to all versions
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LAV25 - Added gunner and commander FFV - Fixes T245
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LAV25 - Added interior to C2 version
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LAV25 - Added working crew hatches
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LR - Added BAF land rover transport
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LR - added FFV functionality to Land Rover SPG-9 passenger seat
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LR - Added water sounds, and missing proxy
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_LR - Interior mirror
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_Stryker - Added Commanders Gun Functionality
* CUP_WheeledVehicles_T810 - Added Czech Tatra T810
* CUP_AirVehicles_AmbientPlanes - Fixed proxies, elevators and flaps
* CUP_AirVehicles_AN2 - Texture change in Eden not permanent
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159 - Fixed MFD not displaying - Fixes T1871
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159 - Fixed rotor face in Cargo lod
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159 - Fixed Weapon lod hide issue 2.000
* CUP_AirVehicles_AW159 - Fixed Window selection issue
* CUP_AirVehicles_CH47 - furthest CH47 lod can now be retextured (needs a fourth separate texture!)
* CUP_AirVehicles_HC3 - Fixed hiddenselections
* CUP_AirVehicles_Ka50,KA52 - fixed radar on Ka-50/52, should now both detect targets up to 4km, fixes T1947
* CUP_AirVehicles_L39 - fixed bomb proxy orded on L-39, bombs should now be correctly dropped from the outer to the inner stations and alternatively instead of emptying all stations on one side and then the other.
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24,Mi35 - Mi-24/35 now has correct top speed of 330Kph, fixes T1414
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi24,Mi35,Mi8 - disabled damper animations on Mi-8/24/35, should avoid making them float when in MP and the vehicle is not local to the player, fixes T1921
* CUP_AirVehicles_Mi35 - Mi35 Superhind doesn’t become white when further away anymore (weird LOD was moved under EDIT 6.000)
* CUP_AirVehicles_SA330 - Fixed author for Baf versions - Fixes T978
* CUP_AirVehicles_StaticLine - Fixed survivability issues
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH1H - UH1H inventory access position now correcly placed in the cabin
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH1Y - Fixed Sand from broken fire geo - Fixes T475
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH1Y - fixed slight inheritance issue with UH-1Y MEV
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Fixed decal not showing for USN
* CUP_AirVehicles_UH60 - Fixed hiddenselections, textures no longer messed up in lod 1
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Fixed Commander turret optic on unarmed
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Fixed gunner get out/in pos point
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Fixed invisible model at hatch
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_AAV - Fixed view gunner lod issue
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_BMP - Eden texture selection not permanent
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_BMP,T72 - BMP ZU-23 loader is now correctly animated with the rest of the turret and should also be visible from all ranges
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_BMP,T72 - T-72 driver position adjusted to match at all distances
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_BMP,T72 - T-72M4CZ driver position adjusted so he's not inside the hull anymore
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bradley - Fixed Bradley commander smoke grenade issues
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bradley - Fixed M2A2/A3 Bradley and M6 smoke screen (T1613)
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bradley,m1_abrams - Abrams woodland variant icons for EDEN preview have been regenerated to match the new camo
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_Bradley,m1_abrams - NATO Tropic variants for the Bradley and Abrams now have proper EDEN preview icons
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_M113 - removed wrong ACE FCS from M113, fixes T1948
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_m1_abrams - Moved roadwheels forward on M1A1 and M1A2.
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T34 - primaryGunner and commanding entries on the T-34 were invalid causing the front gunner to spawn incorrectly in EDEN, fixes T1355
* CUP_TrackedVehicles_T55 - Eden texture selection not permanent
* CUP_WaterVehicles_Core,LHD - watervehicles functions recompile set to 0, the LHD now spawns correctly in EDEN
* CUP_WaterVehicles_Fregata - crewCrashProtection value on the ANZAC frigate set to 1, should avoid silly crew deaths from collisions with surround

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