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Dienstag, 25. September 2018
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Rescue Dawn [CSAR] Co-12 von Quiksilver (v0.9.0) [Coop Mission]
01.10.2015 von miller

Rescue Dawn [CSAR] Co-12

Multiplayer Coop



Benötigte Addons:


Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions Ordner.


The war drags on, and casualties on both sides are mounting as the fanatical CSAT-backed insurgency becomes more resilient. Your medical detachment is tasked to provide Combat Search and Rescue support for NATO and National Armed Forces joint combat operations.




- [TWEAKED] Caved in to international political pressure. The mob has spoken. Rotor Lib Simulation now optional.
- [TWEAKED] Unloading incapacitated units from vehicles sometimes did not return them to correct animation state.
- [TWEAKED] Mission alert sound now louder and more audible around base.
- [TWEAKED] Corrected more typos in mission briefings.
- [TWEAKED] Mission task briefings, to provide more information on the current mission.
- [TWEAKED] Default rifle in the ammo crate now has a HAMR optic. (Completing missions can unlock Virtual Arsenal support).
- [TWEAKED] Field Hospital doors locked in the open position to mitigate congestion.
- [TWEAKED] Restored intro Establishing Shot SITREP text.
- [TWEAKED] Alternate spawn position for helicopters (Altis) when Rotor Lib Simulation is not forced by default.
- [TWEAKED] Tightened radius for ambient civilian spawning near the base.
- [TWEAKED] Role selection screen no longer defaults to Curator role when client connects.
- [TWEAKED] Added more localization for our non-english-speaking counterparts. (Ongoing process)
- [TWEAKED] Streamlined mission notifications.
- [TWEAKED] Remote Sensors disabled on both Clients and Server by default (subject to change).
- [FIXED] Soldier Tracker (Map Icons) was showing enemy weapon emplacements.
- [ADDED] Randomization of icons during Establishing Shot.
- [ADDED] Parameter to select weapon system of UH-80 Ghosthawk.
- [ADDED] Extra magazine of ammunition for UH-80 when using .50 caliber weapons system.
- [ADDED] Parameter to toggle Remote Sensors (AI related) for both Server and Clients.
- [ADDED] Show HUD options to description.ext.
- [ADDED] More Third-Party Credits to forum thread.
- [ADDED] Helicopter Service Bay now replenishes First Aid Kit supply of Helicopters.
- [ADDED] Action for players to manually respawn respawnable vehicles.
- [ADDED] Zeus whitelisting explanation to FAQ at top of forum thread.

- [FIXED] Reward Unlocking system.
- [FIXED] View Distance settings not holding for infantry.
- [TWEAKED] Difficulty settings revised to accommodate people new to the mission..
- [TWEAKED] Some typos in mission tasks and briefings tweaked.


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