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FOB Sweeney von homestarkiller (v0.1 Beta) [Templates]
10.09.2015 von miller

FOB Sweeney

Das Template enthält einen Vorposten mit Artillerie, Möser, Befehlsstelle, Wohnbereich, medizinisches Gebäude etc.


0.1 beta

Benötigte Addons:

Weitere Infos:


I made this base because I have been wanting for a while to share what was my home for a year.
I have taken some creative liberties with the base.

I would have to use mods in order to make it just like the base. And the base would be much bigger than necessary for Arma. The base features a mortar firing pit, an artillery firing pit, a briefing room, a 'command office', living area and a medical building. Aresenal is located inside the red conex and the vehicle spawner is on the flag pole next to it. The briefing room contains a board for a slideshow the laptop in the back controls it. All the chairs can be sat on. At the moment the command office is just looks (chair works).

Future plans:
Add a repair and refit vehicle script
Remove empty vehicles script
Maybe shrink the base
Make the base more lived in
Add firing platforms for vehicles to shoot out from base

I would love any input you might have.
By the way I use the Cavscout for Arma 3 now. So that is the name that comes up when you load the file.

Credits & Thanks:
ASOR Vehicle Selector - Lecks
Script Powerpoint - Cutkiller26 [SIRA]
Simple Sitting Script - MacRae




- first release


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