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WASP Warfare RHS Edition CTI-40 vom WASP Team (v0.216.1) [Mission Pack CTI]
02.10.2015 von miller

WASP Warfare RHS Edition CTI-40

MP Warfare CTI



Benötigte Addons:
RHS: Escalation
All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP)
United States Air Force
RDS East Static Weapons Pack
FSF Dariyah

Altis, Chernarus, FSF Dariyah, Stratis, Takistan

Weitere Infos:

Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions Ordner.


WASP Warfare is a typical CTI mission in Arma 3. Both teams aim to destroy all opponent's bases and MHQ. By capturing cities scattered across the island, you got the resources needed to develop your base, upgrade your army and buy new vehicles. To capture the town, a team has tu clean it up from resistance forces, consisting of heavily armed guerillas. You have everything you need at your disposal: from small arms through MBTs and IFVs to aircrafts ans supply droppings. Team up with the players, plan the assaults, fight together to gain a victory!

- The mix of strategy and tactics: the gamemode includes both base development and strategic planning by the side commander and tactical decisions made by every individual soldier
- Massive multiplayer with up to 40 players and lots of AIs (HC support is functional)
- Buy infantry and vehicles on the more than 6 types of factories
- Custom aircraft loadouts for the seven aircrafts present in the mission (thanks to John_Spartan, Saul, SGT Fuller and Red Hammer Studios teams)
- Modern units and vehicles: M1 Abrams, T-80 and T-90 lines, Bradleys, BMP-2 IFVs and more (thanks to John_Spartan, Saul, SGT Fuller and Red Hammer Studios teams). No more prototypes and fictional vehicles!




- added the condition for vehicle light repair: it's available if a player is near a damaged vehicle;
- decreased timer for garbage collector;
- terrain grid option has 50 value as max limit again;
- tweaked camp positions on Stratis, Takistan, Cherno and Altis;
- tweaked mg nest's positions near camps on Stratis, Takistan, Cherno and Altis;
- mission PV-based netcode replaced by the RE-based one, providing better traffic control, improved reliability, stability and JIP sequence at the cost of slightly increased load on the client (and decreased load on the server)
- added condition for vehicle spawn process, preventing them from spawning inside of buildings, rocks, etc. (MHQ included);
- added friendly fire protection to the MHQ;
- added a script preventing a player to get in the unfolded MHQ;
- medevac respawn distance has been increased to 500 m;
- price for assault helicopters (e.g. AH-64, Mi-24, Ka-52) and heavy cargo ones has been decreased by 15%;
- RotorLib simulation is now hard-disabled due to the nature of CTI gaming process (pop-up menus, dence town grid, etc.);
- added ASP-1 Kir, somehow filling the gap instead of VSS Vintorez;
- M32 grenade launcher added;
- various new M113A3 versions added;
- fixed: vehicle crews now correctly receive payments for capturing towns;
- fixed: tactical menu is now available for all to get access to ballistic calculator;
- fixed: commander vote results and messages are now multicasted to the side, instead of to be broadcasted for all:
- fixed: town alterations are now correctly multicasted to the side only. You won't see the enemy capturing town at the other side of the map anymore;
- fixed: AI teamleaders are now correctly disband their units after respawn to buy the new ones;

a3FSF Dariyah
a3WASP Team

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