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USS Nimitz von TeTeT (v0.99) [Schiffe]
15.10.2017 von miller

USS Nimitz

Das Addon enthält eine Konvertierung der JDog Nimitz aus ArmA2.

JDog, konvertiert von TeTeT


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Community Base Addons A3

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With JDog's kind permission here comes a preview release of the Nimitz in Arma3.
This is the 0.95 final release. It took us a little bit longer than anticipated and we hope you will like the result. The focus of this update are clearly ambient objects within and on the flightdeck of the carrier. The core functionality stayed the same, the SQF functions upgrade had to be postponed to a later date.

There are now different objects available to equip the carrier: air defenses, bunk beds, lockers, medical station, briefing chair and screen, pipes, nautical bridge, a fuel pipe and Tilly crash crane. Kudos for these new objects go to Megadeth, TheSn4k3 and two contracted modellers from cgtrader. Also the remainder of the hangar was textured by Odyseus, who also gave us the option for a new entrance to the weapons elevator from hangar level. Unfortunately the scripts for the elevator are not able to use this yet. And another thanks to hcpookie for giving his expertise to the sea sparrow launcher.

Further the Eden editor is better utilised now, some attributes and a Tools -> Nimitz entry is available now for populating the carrier. We also got some contributors for sample missions: Arrhythmix created a sample respawn mission for a helicopter and plane that you can blow up and they will automatically respawn on the flightdeck; Mr Jacky created an ambient mission showcasing a lot of the new equipment; Moose provided a mission with a lot of ambiance when launching aircraft.

As the addition of paid-for models was for us quite a novelty, we ask for donations now to further source models. On our wishlist are a radar station / CIC room, airboss room, fire fighting carrier car and better lowest deck interiour rooms. The donation button can be found at


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2017-10-02 config, model
- create air conditioning unit
- place ac via init script
- add engine sound to hangar 4
- make logistics loadout for GOM adjustable
2017-10-01 config, model
- adjust dynamic airport for assisted landings
- modified nautical bridge to stop columns from peeking out
2017-09-30 config, model
- add weaponry to weapons elevator
- add Grumpy Old Man Aircraft Loadout support, rename to GOM AL Nimtech Edition
- remove under construction sign from island
- add geo lod to information wall
- fix corridor in 2nd deck
2017-09-24 config, model
- add driver proxy
- fix carrier_1 for deployable gangways
- use deck crew as crew
2017-05-20 config
- make init eventhandler stackable
- revert carrier_1.p3d
2017-05-01 config, scripts
- add JDG_dynamicAirportNimitz
2017-04-23 config, nimtech_aa, model
- use new featureType = 2 config. removing featureSize
- experiments with sensors for nimtech_aa
- update carrier_1 from TheSn4k3
2017-04-09 model, config, nimtech
- reverted medical bed to thingX from car_f
- removed patuxent from download, it's not finished yet
- added new textures from Shockley
2017-04-01 model, config
- remove aft wall in entrance, showing Joes's wall
- adjust weapons elevator to new 2nd floor height
- add geo lod mass to weapons elevator
2017-03-26 functions
- add pictureMap of terrain to area of operation in briefing and map room
2017-03-21 aa, functions
- update Phalanx model and textures from TheSn4k3, update shadow, geo and fire geo lods
- update aa defenses init, use the right variable name for crewing the AA
- have Tilly remove all Air, Land, Ship wrecks
2017-03-20 sounds, functions
- add touchdown sound, kudos to Jones
- call touchdown sound from arrest
2017-03-19 config, logos
- add new logos from Odyseus
- add author information to carrier and aligner
- fix geo lod for aftMast hiding
2017-03-04 model, config
- add drawbridge from Joe, animate it
2017-02-28 model, config
- make aft mast hideable: (this getVariable 'jdg_carrier_island') animate ['aftMast', 1, true];
2017-02-27 textures, config
- add numbers textures and Eden configuration
- can mimick any Nimitz class carrier now

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