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Tactical Map Pack von Rekkless (v1.10) [Mission Pack]
09.10.2015 von miller

Tactical Map Pack



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3
Mission Control Center Sandbox 4
RHS: Escalation
Leights OPFOR Pack
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
Advanced Combat Radio Environment A3 (ACRE2)
All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) oder ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP (Optional)
Fallujah City (Optional)
Caribou Frontier (Optional)
FDF Podagorsk (Optional)
N'Ziwasogo (Optional)
Kunduz, Afghanistan (Optional)
SMD Sahrani A3 (Optional)
Thirsk Island (Optional)
Isola di Capraïa v2 WIP Alpha3 (Optional)
Australia (Optional)
PMC (Optional)
Valtatie 5 (VT5) (Optional)
Helvantis (Optional)
Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain] (Optional)
Isla Duala A3 (Optional)
Island Panthera A3 (Optional)
Lingor A3 (Optional)
Esseker - Post Apocalyptic Map (Optional)

Altis, Bystrica, Caribou Frontier, Chernarus, Fallujah, FDF Podagorsk, Kunduz Afghanistan, N'Ziwasogo, Namalsk, SMD Sahrani A3, Stratis, Takistan, Thirsk Island, Thirsk Winter Island, Zargabad, Valtatie 5, Helvantis, Bornholm, Isla Duala A3, Island Panthera A3

Weitere Infos:


Inspired by the 'Master Altis' and 'MCC Templates' in the vanilla game. I have created what I see as the ultimate template for a more modern and modded ArmA 3 game. The idea behind these missions is to set up a whole bunch of default parameters quickly and easily at the beginning of the game. That way Game Masters don't have to spend so much time setting up difficulties, spawn points, ammo boxes etc. Zeus / MCC missions can begin as quickly and as easily as possible. It is still worth Game Masters to quickly review the Mission Settings in MCC before the game begins, but they are set to how my group mostly plays and enjoys with minimal UI interference and a challenging but not over powering GAIA difficulty setting.

Missions Features:
- 81 player slots spread over 3 factions + Zeus. For Most Missions.

- Admin has option to lock to 1st person only in the mission parameters regardless of game difficulty.

- Initial Spawns are set to random. No need to log in as Zeus for MCC players, initial spawns will be created automatically. Or you can log in as Zeus and set initial spawns the option is left to you.

- All mods and addons allowed. You can run any additional mods you like.

- Players will respawn with the exact same gear they died with (for push and survival missions). No need spawn Arsenals at base if you don't want to.

- 60 second Respawn time for infinitry, 120 second respawn time for vehicles to punish death a little bit more.

- All squad members have same radio frequency by default (Task Force Radio), teams just select what channel they want on the num pad and all players will be automatically synced up. No messing around with radios trying to get the right frequencies.

- Set a channel in your teamspeak somewhere spelt exactly 'TaskForceRadio' with password '123' to enable hardcore Task Force Radio mode. Believe me this is well worth checking out.

- Group leaders will not spawn with a long range radio, preventing dropping backpack on respawn. (Task Force Radio)

- Mission features US Army and Russian Forces from RHS Escalation and a Independant Faction from Leights OpFor or RHS Escalation depending on the mission.

- Currently uses the ACE 3 basic medical system.

- Roles are locked at lobby selection. Medics bandage faster and only Medics can Epi Pen and Blood Bag, Engineers get bonuses while repairing vehicles, Explosive specialists get bonuses for using explosives.

Featured Missions:
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Altis - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Australia - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Bornholm - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Bystrica - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Capraia - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Caribou Frontier - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Chernarus - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Chernarus (Summer) - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Fallujah - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Helvantis, Germany - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Isla Duala - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Kunduz, Afganistan - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Namalsk - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical N'ziwasogo - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Panthera - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Proving Grounds - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Podagorsk - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Sahrani - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical SMD Sahrani - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Stratis - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Takistan - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Thirsk - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Thirsk Winter - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Valtatie 5, Finland - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Zargabad - RHS




- Fix ALL unnecessary mandatory addons due to poor porting of the mission to additional maps.
- All missions should be totally standalone only requiring the bare minimum addons to run that mission.
- README text added.

- Tactical Lingor Standard and Advanced Added
- Tactical Esseker Standard and Advanced Added
- ALL Missions date now June 14 2030 making all missions a full moon (Except Tactical Thirsk Winter - Which is a winter date but still full moon)
- Minor MCC Settings Changes
- Fixes to some player models
- Tactical Advanced Missions - Medical System modified so that Morphine now removes pain not just temporarily suppress it.

a3Caribou Frontier
a3FDF Podagorsk
a3Kunduz Afghanistan
a3SMD Sahrani A3
a3Thirsk Island
a3Thirsk Winter Island
a3Valtatie 5

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