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Freitag, 17. August 2018
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A3M PMC Simulator von Fr33d0m (v0.3) [MP Mission]
17.08.2015 von miller

A3M PMC Simulator




Benötigte Addons:

Leights OPFOR Pack
Task Force Arrowhead Radio
ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
Community Base Addons A3


Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions Ordner.


A3M PMC Simulator is a multiplayer mode designed to simulate working as a Private Military Contractor in a conflict zone. You take the role of an Independent Contract Operator brokered by Orion Private Security Group. With a meager starting balance in your bank account and standard-issue sidearm from OPSG, you deploy upon your contractual duties in Altis at the C-12 North compound, an Astral Corporation Research, Development and Communications compound in the NE region of Altis. You will be required to carry out security and paramilitary operations pursuant to your contracts with OPSG, and you will be paid based on performance per operation.

This mode is crammed FULL of custom work, including a highly detailed and very in-depth economical module, a roadblock mission (revamped, AGAIN!!) and several escort / PMC style missions, a pnuematic firing range, custom artwork, working televisions and radios, water coolers and MP Compatible Video Projectors and other great scripted features by yours truly.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

The download links to Steam Workshop. Subscribe there and it will be downloaded to your game.

Known issues:
Please check out the Full Manual. It's a long read, but it details all of the features and how to use them! Definitely familiarize yourself with this manual before engaging in the mission!

Formerly, I had entered a mode in the MP category of the MANW competition. While I didn't win by a longshot, I was very well supported and received great encouragement and selfless donations of time by various groups of fine people. I ended up #17 in the lineup, but the support from the community was far better than any monetary prize. For this reason, I have delved back in, and it is my pleasure to offer you the next evolution of the mission formerly known as the OPSG PMC Sandbox.




- In this major release, we bring the AIRecruit platform, allowing a whole new level of tactical control as the team coordinator by hiring AI units to assist a small group, or even to complete some objectives themselves!

- Additionally, the Email system has been fully realized, and looks / acts way better than it did. RP and payouts have been adjusted to more realistic numbers, and RP and Payout are now declared in email.

- All stores have undergone a bit of a re-vamp, with the new “purchase” button being added, and acting as a failsafe prevent the “Accidental purchase” that could happen with the old double click to buy method.

- For those that missed the reddit / steam only releases, the mode now supports a “persistent stash” function, allowing you to store your gear prior to disconnecting and retrieve it next time you log on. This persistent stash can be accessed at the delivery box in the Operations HQ, or at any Wildfire Protocol Safehouse.

- The admin panel has underwent major changes as well, now supporting single player advances of any amount, fining a player any amount, promoting players to act as additional field commanders (Expires when player disconnects), one-way messaging and other features.

- ALiVE and ACE3 have been updated, supporting the latest awesome features!
- This will be the FINAL release as a MISSION!! The next update you see, we will be converting to @A3M_PMCSimulator, adding custom objects, new missions, lowering mission filesize!!! and much more!


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