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Montag, 24. September 2018
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SignForge - RHS mass pbo signing utility von Red Hammer Studios (v1.2) [Editing Tools]
02.05.2015 von miller

SignForge - RHS mass pbo signing utility

StringForge Developed Red Hammer Studios Tool. Ein Signing Utility Tool für RHS Addons.

Red Hammer Studios


Benötigte Addons:

Weitere Infos:


Introducing SignForge:

StringForge is a tool developed at Red Hammer Studios over one evening that allows fast signing of multiple pbo files in one folder with a key. The program will generate the key, sign all the files and verify them.

What can it do:
- work on *nix machines using wine (im not sure if this was ever done before!)
- clean up the folder of old key files
- validate the signing
- commandline
- open source

Yes the project is open source and available to anyone from the above link in GitHub so if you want to contribute, change or re-release. It is under the MIT license so you have pretty much the freedom to do anything you want.

Unpack the files somewhere in a an empty folder.

SignForge.exe [help] -s "source pbo files" [-a "authority name"] [-d "destination folder"] [-v] [-r]
help - (OPTIONAL) display the help information
-r - (OPTIONAL) remove all old .bisign files from source folder
-v - (OPTIONAL) verify all files using DSCheckSignatures.
-s *source* - folder where the pbos that need to be signed reside.
-a *name* - (OPTIONAL) authority name. If argument not provided then prompt.
-d *destination*- (OPTIONAL) folder to put private and public keys into. If not provided will be same as source directory.

Usage on Linux with Wine:
If you have a linux machine you can sign files as well! The tool is compatible to run under Wine.
Download the wine specific release or build in Wine configuration. Unpack the files somewhere on the linux machine like /var/signforge/.
wine SignForge.exe [help] -s "source pbo files" [-a "authority name"] [-d "destination folder"] [-v] [-r]
The arguments are the same as for windows (make sure you specify *nix filepaths though.




- The .biprivatekey and .bisign files are now not overwritten if they exist by default. The user may specify a -o parameter which will override the keys if they exist.

- Added wine support. Build keys on *nix machines!

a3Red Hammer Studios


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