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Altis Special Police Unit von FoxFort (v1.43) [Addon Pack]
22.01.2017 von miller

Altis Special Police Unit

Das Addon enthält neue Polizei-Einheiten für die Independet Seite.



Benötigte Addons:
Optional - Bei Verwendung des Ordners "Optional - NIArms AK-12 rifles"
NIArms AK Rifle Pack
NIArms Core
Community Base addons A3

Optional - Bei Verwendung des Ordners " Optional - RHS AFRF weapons"
RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation

Optional - Bei Verwendung des Ordners"Optional - RHS USAF weapons"
RHS: United States Armed Forces

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop


At the end of civil war in Altis, the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030 mandated the creation of an armed defence force to secure the sovereign territory of The Republic of Altis and Stratis, with that act Altis Armed Forces was born. But it was limited to have less then 1000 soldiers. In recent years, the on-going counter-insurgency operations in North-Western Altis resulted with worn down AAF military strength and with WW3 on the doorstep, the need to deal with insurgency and to increase overall security was a top priority. With active embargo on increasing the military strength. Altis government decided to form a Special Police Unit. The newly formed SPU consists only from current serving Altis police officers, who volunteered to server in area of counter-insurgency operation with hope of bringing order to chaos. Older equipment, was imported into country and the new 100+ strong SPU was formed. Armed only with AKs and distinctive blue uniforms, the first units saw their first action in defence of Oreokastro.

Police Unit to boost defence of Altis from evil West and East.

SPU can be found in Editor on AFF side.

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Weitere Infos: Installation von Addons

Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions Ordner.
Entpacke das Archiv und kopiere die *.pbo Datei(en) in den Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions Ordner.




- Added: Light body armor with "Green" texture.
- Added: BonnieHat with "MDU-03" camouflage.
- Added: SPU Arm Patch.
- Changed: Replaced old woodland textures with new camouflage based on "MDU-03".
- Changed: Replaced "Surpat" uniform texture with "ACU".
- Changed: Uniforms now have removed ArmPatch texture.
- Changed: Patrol Cap has a new Emblem texture.
- Changed: New SPU Icon.
- Changed: Optional AFRF: All AK-74M replaced with new AK-74M UUK version.
- Changed: Optional AFRF: CQB policeman use Altyn helmets.
- Changed: Optional USAF: All M4A1 replaced with M4A1 Block verion.

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