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PG Services Combined Replacement Pack von BadHabitz (v1.0) [Replacement]
25.02.2015 von miller

PG Services Combined Replacement Pack

Das Addon enthält Waffen-Replacement Packs, Damit kann man das PG-Services Addon mit Waffen beliebter Mods verwenden.



Benötigte Addons:
PG Services (PMC) von BadHabitz

EricJ Weapons Pack (Optional)
Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack (Optional)
RHS: Escalation (Optional)
NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons (Optional)
RH M4/M16 Pack (Optional)
RH Acc Pack (Optional)
ASDG Joint Rails (Optional)
HLC AK Pack (Optional)
HLC FAL (Optional)
HLC G3 (Optional)
HLC M14 (Optional)
HLC AR15 Pack (Optional)
MP5 Pack (Optional)
HLC AUGs (Optional)
HLC_Core (Optional)
Community Base Addons A3 (Optional)

Weitere Infos:


Weapon replacement packs: If you want PG Services units to use weapons from popular mods

1. Place "PG_Services_***.pbo" and "PG_Services_***.pbo.BadHabitz.bisign" (the matching pair) into your "Arma 3/PG_Services/addons" folder.
2. Leave "config.cpp" alone, unless you know what you're doing.
3. Delete NOTHING. This replaces unit weapons, but no FILES need to be replaced, just added.

Q: I use multiple weapon mods. Can I use more than one replacement file at one time?
A: No. Pick which one you want. If you use more than one it will not nuke your game, but I can not guarantee the outcome.

Q: I don't like your choice of optics. Will you make a custom file with the optics I want?
A: No. Please don't ask. I've included the source file so you can make changes if you'd like.

Q: Will you teach me the arcane arts of writing configs so I can alter your files?
A: No. Config help from the community can be found at

Q: Can you make a weapon replacement file for my private mod?
A: No.

Q: Can you make a weapon replacement file for the ______________ weapons mod?
A: If there's enough interest then I can make something for the community.


1. Delete "PG_Services_***.pbo" and "PG_Services_***.pbo.BadHabitz.bisign" (the matching pair) from your "Arma 3/PG_Services/addons" folder.




- first release



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