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Gorgona von Major_Desync (v1.51) [Inseln]
24.08.2016 von miller


Das Addon enthält eine 4.1 km x 4.1km große Insel im italienischen Style.



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Steam Workshop


Gorgona is a small island located in the Ligurian Sea, 37 km off the west coast of Italy and 35 km north of the island of Capraia. Inhabited and fortified since ancient times, it is now home to an agricultural penal colony, housing 50 prisoners, including those convicted of murder and other violent crimes, as well as Mafiosi. The prisoners work the island's farms, moving freely around the island by day tending crops and livestock, returning to the prison buildings before the evening curfew. In the history of the prison, only one prisoner has escaped, though it is not known if he survived the long swim to the mainland. (Source: Wikipedia)

Though based on the real island of Gorgona, this terrain differs somewhat from the actual island. Firstly, the terrain is larger - measuring 3.7 km from north to south, and 2.6 km from east to west (compared to 2.1 km and 1.6 km respectively for the real island). Secondly, the terrain is a lot less steep than the real island. Finally, while the terrain's buildings and roads are based on the real thing, I've taken a lot of liberties to produce some interesting locations for Arma3.

Gorgona's size, topography, ground cover, and locations make it perfect for small-unit infantry actions and stealth missions with an emphasis on close-quarter combat.

- Terrain dimensions: 4.1 km x 4.1km
- Terrain area: 16.2 sq. km
- Island dimensions: approx 3.7 km x approx 2.6 km
- Land area: approx. 6.5 sq km.
- Heightmap resolution: 4 m/pixel
- Elevation range: -50 m to 230 m
- Approx 112,000 objects
- Hilly, heavily forested terrain, with large olive plantations, and rocky shorelines.
- 1 main village, with several surrounding farms and compounds.
- Locations: Prison, junk yard, port, helipad, cemetery, castle, radome installation, military camp, research station.

Known Issues:
Buildings do not appear on the in-game map.
Arma 3 crashes when you exit the editor after previewing the island.
Keypoint text blending with the in-game map background, hard to read.
Intermittent issue with lights not activating at night on first load-up of preview or mission. A second load up usually fixes the problem.

Licence: This addon is released under the Arma Public Licence Share Alike (APL-SA) licence

Credits & Thanks:
CAPTNCAPS (teamproskill) and FSF for their incredibly helpful tutorials.
Bushlurker, M!lkman, Jakerod and the many others who offer help and advice in the Arma 3 Terrain forums.
Mikero for his invaluable and amazing tools
Gav, Sam, and Geks for alpha testing.
Contributors to this thread for posting issues and feedback.
BIS for making the Arma series in the first place


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- FIXED: In-game map grid is no longer divided into two large-scale grid squares. This fixes some issues with the GPS coordinates and some features of ACE3.
Thanks to Makhno for the pro-tip.

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