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MRT Accessory Functions von da12thMonkey, Robalo & Tupolov (v1.20) [Verschiedenes]
04.04.2015 von miller

MRT Accessory Functions

Das Addon enthält ein kleines Skript, welches das aktuelle Waffenzubehör eines Spieler per Knopfdruck wechselt.

da12thMonkey, Robalo & Tupolov


Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3

Weitere Infos:


MRT Accessories Functions is a small script addon that switches a player's current weapon accessories between a set of predefined classnames at the press of a button. The aim of this function is to simulate various interactive features in real-life weapon accessories that are otherwise absent in Arma 3.

The system is designed to be easy to implement for community addon makers and avoids hardcoded classnames within the scripts themselves. Making an addon compatible with MRT Accessory Functions does not make the addon dependant on MRT Accessory Functions or CBA, and its installation remains at the discretion of the player.


For players:

Simply extract the .rar file and move the @MRT_AccFncs folder to your Arma 3 mods directory, then
launch MRT Accessory Functions using the ingame Expansions menu, adding -mod=@MRT_AccFncs to your
Arma 3 launch parameters, or using a mod launcher program.

In order for you to see the effects of the script, an addon with compatible attachments must be
running in conjunction with MRT_AccFncs.pbo. We have provided config addons to add compatibility for:

FHQ Accesories Pack v1.4:

R3F French Weapons Pack v3.2:

These configs are available in the folder titled "optional" inside the @MRT_AccFncs mod folder

- Keybindings

Default keybindings are:

[ctrl + L] - Switch rail attachment to the next mode
[shift + L] - Switch rail attachment to the previous mode

[ctrl + NumPad /] - Switch sight attachment to the next mode
[shift + NumPad /] - Switch sight attachment to the previous mode

Keybindings can be changed through the CBA keybinding menu by clicking:

Configuration -> Controls -> Configure Addon (the button at the bottom of the controls screen)

in the ingame options menu, and choosing "MRT Accessory Functions" from the dropdown list.

- Mode of operation

A small 'click' sound will be heard when your accessory changes mode, and a small hint box will
appear, telling you which mode your weapon accessory has changed to.

For addon makers:

- Making a compatible addon:

This is extremely simple, you just create your separate attachment classes that exhibit the
ingame features that you want your weapon accessories to be able to switch between
(e.g. one class configured as a laser attachment, and the second configured as a flashlight attachment)

Then you add three config parameters to each class you want the player to be able to switch to
another class.


MRT_SwitchItemNextClass = "*CLASSNAME1*";
MRT_SwitchItemPrevClass = "*CLASSNAME2*";
MRT_switchItemHintText = "*DESCRIPTION*";

Replace *CLASSNAME1* with the atachment class you want the script to switch to when pressing the
'Next' keybind (default [ctrl + L] for rail items, [ctrl + NumPad /] for optic items).

Replace *CLASSNAME2* with the atachment class you want the script to switch to when pressing the
'Previous' keybind (default [shift + L] for rail items, [shift + NumPad /] for optic items).

Replace *DESCRIPTION* with a short text string that describes the mode of operation that the class
has (e.g. "Laser", "Light", "Red", "Blue" etc.). This is the text that will appear in the ingame
hint box when the player switches to this attachment class using the keybind.

As stated before, adding these parameters does not make your addon dependant on CBA or MRT_AccFncs,
if MRT_AccFncs is not running, your attachments will behave as normal "static" weapon attachments
where the player will simply have to select which attachment item they want, and change them manually
if they want to attach another class, rather than using the "interactive" features provided by this
addon and the above config parameters.

- Examples:
Examples of a number of different possible functions for your different attachment classes are
available by downloading the @MRT_AccFncs_examples addon collection. The .pbo data contained in
that collection are unbinarised and open source to provide a learning resource for anyone wishing
to make interactive attachments using this system.

A download link can be found in the MRT Accessory Functions topic on the BIS forums.




- changed init.sqf to use the improved CBA Keybinding API from CBA v1.20.50327 - custom keybinds may be reverted to default

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