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Bell Tolls von ted_hou (v0.99) [Kampagne]
15.01.2015 von miller

Bell Tolls

Enthält eine Story über ein Rache-Feldzug des John Hawkins.




Benötigte Addons:



Bell Tolls is a story about revenge. John Hawkins has fought alongside the guerrillas for two years to see the death of the man responsible for murdering his fallen brothers. Already too much has been sacrificed in the name of vengeance, how much further is he willing to go?

*Bell Tolls follows after the events of In Our Time. This is something I have been working on for 3 months. Now it's ready! A big thanks to anyone who played In Our Time and waited for the sequel. Hope you enjoy!

Story: A compelling story told with cutscenes and scripted-events.
Guerrilla warfare: Fight against an organized conventional army with crude weaponry and equipment.
Campaign features: A BIS styled campaign with hub missions, optional skirmish missions, armory, persistent gear plus more custom features...
Consequences: Decisions matter. You will have to make hard decisions. Campaign ending has 2 branches with 6 possible outcomes.
Atmosphere: Custom music, custom sound effects and scripted events to improve game experience.
Optional mod support: Play vanilla or play with mods. Modded content is seamlessly incorporated into the game. (See below for a list of supported mods)
Voice acting: WIP. I am still looking for voice actors with British/Greek accents. If you like to help out, be sure to let me know. (See this post)

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Campaings folder. If you do not have one then create it.

This is a beta version. It's playable but there may be issues. If you do decide to play I would appreciate any bug/issue reports.

Known issues:
In Blinded Eyes loading an earlier save could break disguise status even when player is in cognito.
Plastic container in hub mission does not store items.
In Empire of Dirt, vehicles may drive crazy (it's just A3). Loading certain convoy behavior mods here causes major performance drop.

Supported mods:
Although no mods are required, the following mods are supported and should not affect gameplay.
Gameplay mods
AGM - @agm_explosives and @agm_hearing items will be provided where needed. For best experience, suggest disable @agm_novoice.
JSRS/Blastcore/... - Go for it.
(AGM/Blastcore might cause performance drop, consider disabling for slower machines).
Weapon mods: Load any combination of the following mods and player/AI will start using custom weapons. A weapon tier system ensures the guerrillas are not overpowered.
RHS: Escalation (v0.35) - Adds m16a4/m4/aks74/m136/rpg and a small number of accessories to guerrillas.
HLC weapon packs - AK/G3/FAL/AR15/M60/M14/MP5 packs. Adds low-tier weapons to guerrillas.
RobertHammer weapons - RH M4/RH Pistols/KAC PDW weapons and flashlights are added to the guerrillas.
Want to see support for a certain mod? Talk to me!




Added: Voice acting! 400+ lines from 5 dedicated voice actors. Huge thanks to voice actors Mathieu Abdi, Morgenstern, Cliff Thompson, Cary Reese, and Lucas Walkowicz! Special thanks to Jonathan Cross for editing the script and including proper British army procedures and slangs.
Fixed: Mod support for latest HLC weapons pack, RH m4/pistol packs, and RHS:AFRF and RHS:USAF.
Fixed: Game crashes on loading "Blinded Eyes".
Fixed: Some tasks not marked as complete in "Clear Skies".
Fixed: Plastic container in hub mission did not store items.

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