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Dienstag, 18. September 2018
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PMC Versus Coop Mission Pack #4 von Fuiba (v2.46) [Coop Mission Pack]
15.08.2015 von miller

PMC Versus Coop Mission Pack #4

Das Pack enthält 24 PMC Versus Coop Missionen für die ArmA2 Insel FDF Podagorsk.

Multiplayer Coop



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3
ASDG Joint Rails
RHS: Escalation
Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack
All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP)
Insel FDF Podagorsk

FDF Podagorsk

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop


Political tensions seasoned with the occasional armed incidents has been mounting up in the Podagorsk peninsula in south-eastern Moldova for the last two years. The consensus in the region is that the US government and the West-European media have greatly exaggerated the aggressions and violence in the peninsula and that the Moldovian government is justified and able to handle its conflicts on its own. Nevertheless four months ago NATO decided the intervene and send peacekeepers to solve the conflict despite the protests of the European Union and the Russian Federation. It has been speculated that the reason for stabilizing the situation in Podagorsk are the peninsula's abundant reserves of nickel and bauxite.

The NATO occupation was estimated to be quick even though the Russian Federation did not allow NATO presence in the Black Sea for the exception of one aircraft carrier. Four months after the advance began from the north of the peninsula, NATO front lines have not been able to make real progress towards the southern parts of Podagorsk where the minerals are mined. Almost the entirety of the peninsula's population has been united under an ancient slavic religious movement, Святая ручная граната Антиохийская (СРГА, pronounce 'SRGA') and the movement is fiercely defending the southern parts of Podagorsk. NATO high command believes that the Russian Federation is providing the locals with military grade weapons, vehicles and training since a great deal of the Black Sea region is controlled by the Russian Federation.

NATO combat research estimates that the СРГА combatants number up to 800 and more are joining the cause from as far as northern Europe. The СРГА forces have been able to defend the peninsula against everything the NATO forces have thrown at them. As the eyes the the whole Europe and Russia are upon the situation and the peacekeeping forces must also keep the Moldovian government from interfering, the NATO high command has hired a small but apparently effective Belarussian private military company to expedite the occupation.

The PMC will be placed directly under NATO forces' local high command, Lt.Col. William K. Gobbler and given command over the NATO's battalion sized force in the peninsula. The PMC's relationship with NATO will be denied in order to maintain relations with the Russian Federation and media. The Lt.Col. has heard that the PMC in question is not afraid to get their hands dirty if there's money involved. And there is.

Mission content:




- Fixed mission #20 triggers and loadouts.

- Fixed mission #13 objectives, vehicle inconsistencies.
- Fixed mission #17 trigger areas.
- Minor tweaks for mission #19.
- Unified weapon loadouts in missions #6, #13, #20 and #24.
- Reworked mission #13 primary objective.
- Added ambient battlefield effects in missions #13, #14 and #24.

a3FDF Podagorsk


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