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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018
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Map Builder von NeoArmageddon (v0.9 Beta Stable) [Werkzeuge]
30.09.2015 von miller

Map Builder

Das Addon enthält 3D-Editor-Tool für eine Gelände-Erstellung.


0.9 Beta Stable

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today I want to present a little project I had laying around for quite some time but finally finished a working alpha. The project is called "Map Builder" and it is an ingame 3D-editor with the purpose of help in placing objects, compositions and vegetation when creating new terrains (kind of an improved Buldozer).

Project Status
This project is in an alpha-state. It is neither featurecomplete nor fully tested/bugfree. I am releasing a first unfinished alpha to collect feedback, ideas and bug reports. I want this project to be as open to the community as possible.

- Editor View.
- A complete objectlist from read config.
- Objectmanipulation (Pos,Pitch,Bank,Yaw,....).
- Selections (Movement of groups of objects).
- Copy & Paste.
- Project saving, loading and merging.
- Simple export for Terrain Builder (via own FileIO).
- Export to SQF-script (calling it will rebuild the export).
- Works in Multiplayer.
- More to come.

Unpack the archive to your missions-folder. Rename the folders extension to the island on which you want to use the editor.
You can start the editor while previewing the mission in your action menu.

I tried to stay close to the ArmA default controls.

Alt-key: Freelook
WSAD: Move Camera
Q and Y or Mousewheel: Move cam up and down.

Mousedoubleclick: Create new object
Mouse click: Select object under cursor
Left Mouse: Move objects or draw selection rectangle when nothing is selected
Right Mouse: Rotate objects
Ctrl + Right Mouse: Pitch
Ctrl + Left Mouse: Bank
Shift + Right Mouse: Rotate objects around mousecursor
Right Mouse + Left Mouse: Modify height
Ctrl + R: Reset pitch and bank of an object
Del: Delete objects
Ctrl + C: Copy selection
Ctrl + V: Paste selection
Escape: Exit editor

NeoArmageddon - Idea, scripts, dialogs

Other contributions:
Mondkalb - For showing me how to create dialogs and fill listboxes
Maikeks - Proofreading every single sentence - twice!
Bushlurker, Jakerod, M1lkm8n, NigelS, badbenson and all the guys from the map maker skypegroup for discussions and help.

I want to cleanup the scripts and then I want to upload the project on bitbucket/github so everyone can fork this project and send me patches or features.


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Changes from 0.8 to 0.9 (in no particular order):
- Made brusher arrows and lines height consistent again
- Fixed missing dialog var in some files.
- Added brusher straight draw mode
- Added MB_Plane object (unused for now)
- Removed map debug msgs
- Added confirmation dialog for project reset.
- Object variables are now correctly released on project reset for deleted objects.
- Reintroduced "exact position"-hack for project saving (Feedback needed)
- Added missing key defines to fn_SelectFavorite
- Finalized new 2d map (now moveable and with texture)
- Replaced a missing textfont define
- Removed UI_PATH define. Has somehow broke my reloading (Preprocessor bug?)
- Removed unused UI bootstrap from fn_brusherAddTemplate
- Added option for selecting p3d or classnames in TB export
- Terrainbuilder import added by Lappihuan
- Fixed map not clickable (ctrlEnable needed)
- Fixed: TB export used removed functions. Export to TB should now work as expected.
- Typo in export window tooltips.
- Added missing runway ligts and objects.
- Moved debug define to extra file. Some other debug code now gets poperly excluded.
- Moved some window code to proprocessor macros.
- Added missing JBAD powerlines.
- Added new "Import from Editor"-function. Currently in Export-window, needs to be relocated.
- Added "Up" and "Down" direction for fencer.
- Fixed boundingboxes are now positioned ATL.
- Added RPT log for object creation.
- Reworked file handling.
- Added confirmation dialogs to multiple places.
- Improved save and load speed.
- Relocated project code to project-folder.
- Removed Quadtree debug markers.
- Reworked all windows to new standard.
- Map can now be closed with "Esc".
- Added keys for different view angles (Numpad 0,1,3,7 and 9).
- Added Kerkkoh to credits.
- Holding "Shift" while clicking "Select" in "Used"-Window should now poperly add objects to current selection.
- Objects outside slectionrectangle are now poperly deselected.
- SetRelPos now uses vector-commands.
- Added nullcheck for object update.
- Reworked font and fontsize to be the same on all resolutions.
- Unified and changed some designs like buttons.
- Buttons now can have tooltips.
- Tooltips added to most buttons.
- Synced TML template names and TB export names.
- Added function to check if file exist.
- Added function to get list of files in a folder.
- Loading of presets are now in a new function.
- Added Kerkkohs brushes.
- Moved generic window defines to own file.
- Added more tooltips.
- Buttons can now be disabled in infopopup depending on popup type.
- Added a chat wrapper.
- Added TB template (TML) export.
- Taskbar is now updated periodically.
- Export to TB now uses plain angles again.
- Began UI rework (for consistent design across different settings).
- Window Background and Window Headers are now seperate classes.
- Moved project window to new standard window type.
- Improved Infopopup
- Reworked export window to "new" standard. Started with project window.
- Fixed networking object sync.
- Bounding boxes and helpers are no correctly created, synced and deleted.
- Selections can now be copied to textfiles outside of A3 (clipboard)
- Added "?"-buttons to most windows
- Added Streetlamp example brushes.
- Added new settings in Vergepost brush.
- Fixed TPL selection in used- and favorite objects.
- Fixed a broken functionname with reintroduction of exactposition.
- Added the option to fencer to select the source of the placed objectclass (Library or current selection)
- Removed some debug output
- Changed z-position of 2d map
- Added "autostart" to module and removed unused "sync" option.
- BIS Devlopment Watermark gets removed when MB is open.
- Fixed broken tooltips in export and added more to fencer.
- Added VergePost to A3 Extra Objects
- Finalized Brusher 1.0
- MousePosition (World) is now updated every Frame (was onMouseMove)
- Readded Groundline
- Added visual helper for objects at groundline.
- Boundingboxes are now tilted correctly
- Added author properly in config
- Replaced lineIntersect with new lineIntersectSurface
- Added 3D Boundingbox (kudos to Mondkalb)
- Fixed a misspelled file.
- Changed how the objectlist and sync is handled. No nullObjects are tracked anymore. Objects are distinguished by their ID,VarName or UID variable.
- Used objects are now only refreshed on windowupdate or with a dedicated button.
- Added basic brusher UI and functionality
- There can now be only one active brush process.
- Brush and object creation is async now.
- Non-mouse rotation and movement of selections is now relative to camera (more intuitive)
- Continued working on brusher Window.
- Fixed a bug in Copy function (objects params were not copied correctly)
- Added container for brusher window.
- Added arrow key fine control - Fixes T27
- Added position and selected object count in taskbar
- Optimized config/function refresh.
- Added function to move object by a fixed stepsize on 4 axes
- Reworked all files into functions
- Reworked whole addon into module instead of mission
- Added pbo prefix
- Removed now unused mission
- Added quadtree for storing objects and selecting
- Added config/script refresh for accelerated development


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