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Mittwoch, 19. September 2018
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Suppress (An unforgiving Player Suppression Mod) von Laxemann (v2.02) [Verschiedenes]
11.04.2017 von miller

Suppress (An unforgiving Player Suppression Mod)

Das Addon enthält ein Spieler-Unterdrückung Mod.



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3

Weitere Infos:
Steam Workshop Foren


What is Suppress about?
Video games generally can barely recreate one thing:
The fear of losing your life.
In reality, suppressing the enemy by sending shitloads of bullets is so effective because he's sure that sticking out his head will end his life-forever.

This can't be recreated, however, because you won't have that feeling when sitting in front of the PC.
Most players will return fire anyway or at least try to get a glimpse at who's shooting at them.
Usually, you wouldn't continue shooting when a bullet just flew right past your face.

This is especially frustrating when playing TvT missions and firing 100 rounds of a 7.62mm at him doesn't seem to bother the enemy. This mod is supposed to change this dramatically.

How does it work?
The mod works with a value that checks how "suppressed" you are.
Bullets whizzing nearby (so that you can hear their supersonic crack) will suppress you a bit and nearby impacts will suppress you more.

The amount of suppression added to your suppression value depends on which ammo/weapon was shot at you.
(Firing a 7.62 will suppress more than a pistol...duh! )
The suppression value decreases quite fast over time, but not if you're getting shot at, so constant fire will keep you suppressed.
The actual suppression effect consists of an increasing tunnelvision, general blur aswell as a desaturated, bright screen.
You'll still be able to move around just fine, but identifying the enemy that is shooting at you from 100m away won't be possible.

As a little side-thingy, nearby impacting bullets will "scare" you and give you a small effect for ~ half a second.

Is it always active? And other stuff
The mod generally is always active, but mission makers can deactivate it for a mission by putting

In order to deactivate the mod in a mission, just put this into your init.sqf:
L_suppress_active = false;

Also, the mod is completely client-side.




- You'd get suppressed by a nearby enemy using satchels etc.

- Fixed Eden issue

• Switched to CBA XEH system
• New way to track projectiles should increase performance (Thanks to Blaubär & Joko!)
• Rewrote most of the code
• new bikey

• Effects properly disappear when L_suppress_threshold is adjusted via script

• Almost completely switched to CBA's perFrameHandler (Except for the nearby impact effects) - Thanks to Nou for pointing towards this!
• Got rid of pretty much every spawn
• The mod is more accurate now
• You can now be suppressed when turned out of a vehicle

- Official first "Stable" version and players can no longer suppress themselves when using mounted guns and such. (Thanks to Fett_Li!)

- Hopefully fixed the position error

- Added a module so that the mission can enforce the use of Suppress

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