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Burnes Armories - MK10 Landing Craft Utitlity (LCU) von Burnes15th (v1) [Schiffe]
31.12.2014 von miller

Burnes Armories - MK10 Landing Craft Utitlity (LCU)

Das Addon enthält ein Mehrzweck-Landungsbooten der United States Navy.

LCU (Landing Craft, Utility) ist ein Typ von konventionellen Mehrzweck-Landungsboot der United States Navy, das auch in vielen anderen Marinen eingesetzt wird. Sie werden im Rahmen der amphibischen Kriegsführung dazu verwendet, Fahrzeuge, Panzer, schweres Gerät, Material, Nachschub und Truppen an Land zu bringen. Je eine Rampe an Bug und Heck ermöglichen rasches Be- und Entladen. (Quelle: )



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The British MK10 LCU. capable of delivering Vehicles and personnel from ship to shore. This vehicle currently operates very similarly to the LCAC so if you've used that you'll know what to do here.

The Cab interior is a stopgap design that currntly shares much of its hardware with the LCAC, it carries 9 personnel. The deck can currently carry as many vehicles as can physically fit. None of the gunner positions are functional due to the problem with loaded vehicles being rendered behind the Craft (this is common with all craft of this nature) so for the time being there will be no gunners.

Please be aware that as with the LCAC the 'Climb Aboard MK10' user action is intended to be used if someone falls off the craft into the sea. It places the player using the action into a cargo slot on the vehicle. if all cargo slots are full and this action is used the craft may explode..

This is an initial release so bugs may be present and will hopefully be ironed out with time. for demonstrations soon to be created please visit:

Because this craft is intended to be used with the HMS Bulwark I'm soon to release, which has a 'drainable' well dock, this has not been tested with any of the currently available LPD's.




- first release

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