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Freitag, 18. August 2017
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RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation von Red Hammer Studios (v [Module]
04.04.2017 von miller

RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation

Das Addon enthält die Streitkräfte der Russischen Föderation (RHS: AFRF) aus dem Modul Escalation.

Red Hammer Studios


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Steam Workshop Foren


Russian Federation armed forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory! Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features.

The mod contains a a large array of content representing almost all branches of the Russian military. When you download the pack this is what you can expect to find inside:
• Several scratch built, accurate uniforms in various camo patterns.
• Bulletproof and loadout vests like the 6B13, 6B23 and 9Sh92.
• Headgear, such as the 6B27 and ZSh-7A.
• New custom backpacks.

• The whole line of BTR APC's.
• Infantry Fighting Vehicles such as the BMP and BMD series.
• Russian T series tanks as well as the more exotic 2S25 Sprut-SD.
• Artillery, conventional as well as rocket. Also some nukes.
• Choppers and planes, transport and attack versions.
• Soft bodied cars and trucks.

• AK rifles with a large selection of attachments.
• Sniper rifles.
• Various RPG models.

• Radars and supporting vehicles

The mod doesn't just come with content. This is after all a total modification! Expect to see the following things:
• Carefully crafted and fully functional Fire Control Systems for vehicles.
• Fire From Vehicles added where appropriate.
• Conformity to the newest features present in Arma 3 (bipods, slingloading etc.)
• Interaction with weapons and vehicles.
• New, realistic effects.
• Custom and random decals in the form of emblems and vehicle numbers.
• And many many more...


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Changelog Legend
+ Added
- Removed
@ Fixed
^ Improved

+ NIT-A Scope
+ Added flag proxies to all ground vehicles
+ Added AK74N w/ GP25 & NPZ variant
+ _TI maps for AK(S)-74 and DTK (1983)
+ New 1PN79 optics for the Kornet-M (6x, 12x, 20x)
+ AK-74 (Plum) and AK-74 (Emerald)
+ AKS-74 (Plum)
^ Mi-28 & Ka-52 should no longer trigger ejection sequence while being on deck of some vehicle
^ Cleaned up ingameui.hpp
^ Reduced reflection on Ka-52 MFD
^ Added some missing cfgPatches entries
^ Converted Kamaz & Tigr hatch actions to new turnIn/Out event handlers
^ Tweaked Ka-52 & Mi-28 MFD
^ Added proper mass to AK74
^ Added proper mass to russian pistol mags
^ AK-74 textures
^ Added rotational anim to OG7V
^ PTS-M radio antenna copied from View LOD to resolution LODs
^ Improved Ka-52 cargo lod for 6DOF
^ Improved FG of T-72, T-80 & T-90 (mainly more accurate tracks & wheels + turret ring for T-90 & T-72B3)
^ PiP monitor on Mi-28 & Ka-52 is changing zoom mode while flying with AI depending on distance to target & selected weapon
^ Rebel flag script is now using deleted EH
^ Score for RGO/RGN grenade kills is now properly handled (setShotParent implementation)
^ Changed RGO/RGN script to use new weapon event handlers
^ Tweaked specularity of Ka-52 instruments
^ Added ability to toggle pilot MFD for Ka-52
^ Updated Extended Armour/Reduced Damage warning infographic
@ AK-74 missing UV in lower lod + muzzleflash on AK-74 lower lod
@ Fixed PM muzzle flash in distant resolution lods
@ AK-74N missing rhs_npz script line
@ UAZ DShkM gunner no longer use invisible uber magnified scope
@ Fixed Su-25 hitpoints compiling .rpt errors
@ Removed updating base class errors
@ BMP-1 (basic variant) had wrong camo selections in last resolution lod
@ Fixed Mi-28 proxies which were inproperly configured - they had wrong name in cfgNonAIVehicles & were missing autocenter = 0 property in geometry lod
@ Fixed healing & mine radio messages causing error in stealth mode
@ AK-74 had small section missing material references
@ AK-74 had UV data in shadow lod
@ AK-74 finger was clipping with the trigger
@ Infantry riding on top of BMP-1s could not be shot
@ PGO-7V reticle resembled PGO-7V2 reticle when illuminated

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