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Montag, 19. November 2018
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RHS: United States Armed Forces von Red Hammer Studios (v0.4.3.1) [Module]
18.10.2017 von miller

RHS: United States Armed Forces

Das Addon enthält die Streitkräfte der Vereinigten Staaten (RHS: USAF) aus dem Modul Escalation.

Red Hammer Studios


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Steam Workshop Foren


United States armed forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory! Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features.

The mod contains a a large array of content representing the US Army and the US Marine Corps. When you download the pack this is what you can expect to find inside:
• Several scratch built, accurate uniforms in various camo patterns.
• Bulletproof and loadout vests like the IOTV.
• Headgear, such as the ACH and OPS CORE.
• New custom backpacks.

• Infantry Fighting Vehicles such as the M2A2 Bradley and the M113.
• M1A1 and M1A2 family of MBTs.
• Artillery in the shape of the M109A6.
• Choppers and planes, transport and attack versions.
• Soft bodied cars and trucks.

• M4 and M16 rifles with a large selection of attachments.
• Sniper rifles and heavy machine guns.
• Anti tank and anti aircraft weapons.

The mod doesn't just come with content. This is after all a total modification! Expect to see the following things:
• Carefully crafted and fully functional Fire Control Systems for vehicles.
• Fire From Vehicles added where appropriate.
• Conformity to the newest features present in Arma 3 (bipods, slingloading etc.)
• Interaction with weapons and vehicles.
• New, realistic effects.
• Custom and random decals in the form of emblems and vehicle numbers.
• And many many more...




Changelog Legend
+ Added
- Removed
@ Fixed
^ Improved

+ Extra selection for flag patch and name tape customisation on ACU
+ Added engine startup delay to A10A
+ UH-60M Added Pitch Bias Actuator
^ FMTV fording depth
^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP
^ Improved auto-trimmer functionality for UH-60M AFM
^ Increased M19 mine hit value
^ US Army RG-33 groups now use the 66 models instead of the old outdated (and hidden) 44
^ Tweaked M430 & M433 damage values
^ Extended AGM-114 locking ranges to some degree. Following indications by gatordev that 4km is below average laser Hellfire performance
^ Extended AH-64D radar coverage in line with the changes to its main armament
^ Removed ace_overpressure entries
^ Tweaked Stinger ammo params
^ Tweaked Mk211 particle effects
^ UH-60M improved SAS
^ M242 lock disabled
@ Corrected UH1 HUD position & tweaked FFAR ammo params
@ Fixed IOTV lod issue
@ Improved Chinook rotor sound
@ FMTV exhaust pfx location
@ A10A RWR should no longer detect IR missiles
@ UH-60M Slightly tweaked SAS and collective ranges
@ Changed UH-60M collective and cyclic ranges
@ Changed UH-60M ATRQ ranges
@ Fixed AH1Z/AH64 gunner sensors
@ "lever ramp" misspelling
@ Reduced some the M1 HEAT rounds max lead
@ Fixed F-22 texture selection
@ Caiman transport capacity was wrong on a couple of variants
@ Fixed Stinger inventory restrictions
@ Fixed BMG tracers
@ Fixed wrong texture name for MRZRs in distant LODs
@ ESSS/EWS UH-60s missing from cfgPatches
@ Fixed some MAAWS ammo values

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