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Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017
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RHS: United States Armed Forces von Red Hammer Studios (v0.4.3) [Module]
30.09.2017 von miller

RHS: United States Armed Forces

Das Addon enthält die Streitkräfte der Vereinigten Staaten (RHS: USAF) aus dem Modul Escalation.

Red Hammer Studios


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United States armed forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory! Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features.

The mod contains a a large array of content representing the US Army and the US Marine Corps. When you download the pack this is what you can expect to find inside:
• Several scratch built, accurate uniforms in various camo patterns.
• Bulletproof and loadout vests like the IOTV.
• Headgear, such as the ACH and OPS CORE.
• New custom backpacks.

• Infantry Fighting Vehicles such as the M2A2 Bradley and the M113.
• M1A1 and M1A2 family of MBTs.
• Artillery in the shape of the M109A6.
• Choppers and planes, transport and attack versions.
• Soft bodied cars and trucks.

• M4 and M16 rifles with a large selection of attachments.
• Sniper rifles and heavy machine guns.
• Anti tank and anti aircraft weapons.

The mod doesn't just come with content. This is after all a total modification! Expect to see the following things:
• Carefully crafted and fully functional Fire Control Systems for vehicles.
• Fire From Vehicles added where appropriate.
• Conformity to the newest features present in Arma 3 (bipods, slingloading etc.)
• Interaction with weapons and vehicles.
• New, realistic effects.
• Custom and random decals in the form of emblems and vehicle numbers.
• And many many more...




Changelog Legend
+ Added
- Removed
@ Fixed
^ Improved

ADDED IN 0.4.3
+ Dynamic loadouts for combat aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)
+ Configured sensors for aircraft and missiles (Arma 3 v1.70)
+ Option to disable radio chatter by setting rhs_vehicleRadioChatter to 0 per mission or vehicle
+ Option to disable spall simulation by setting RHS_SPALL_ENABLED to false (however, it's recommended to leave this enabled)
+ Flag proxies for AFRF planes and helicopters
+ New Russian digital-style font for aircraft HUDs
+ MiG-29S (9-13) (many texture variants and customisation options)
+ KMGU-2 munitions dispenser
+ FAB-500, KAB-250 & Kh-38 from Lyotchik Snayper's PAK-FA mod
+ FAB-250-M62
+ OFAB-250-270
+ RBK-250-275 cluster bomb
+ RBK-500 cluster bombs variants (some variants use BIS' RBK-500, with proxied nose cones)
+ Many fully-modelled Russian submunition types for cluster bombs and dispensers: AO-1Sh, OFAB-50UD, PTAB-1M, PTAB-2.5KO, PTAB-2.5M, ZAB-2.5T, PFM-1, PTM-1
+ New UB-32 rocket pod and S-5 rocket models
+ R-27R/R-27ER and R-27T/R-27ET missiles and APU-470 launch rail
+ R-60 and R-60M missiles and APU-60 launch rail
+ R-73M and R-74 missiles and APU-73 launch rail
+ Vitebsk and Lipa DIRCM countermeasures systems added to appropriate helicopters
+ "Heavy" armed variant of Mi-8MTV-3, with an extra pair of hardpoints
+ Mi-24 and Mi-8 received Advanced Flight Model
+ Ural truck with shelter body, used for Repair truck
+ New AKM model (including new AKMN side-rail variants, Zenitco railed version, and Romanian PM Md. 63)
+ Many more AK-74N variants
+ PB 6P9 suppressed pistol
+ Zenitco B-13 rail (replaces NPZ rail in many cases)
+ 1P87 sight
+ EKP-8-02 sight
+ EKP-8-18 sight
+ TGP-V2 suppressor for SVD
^ PreloadAddons array for better compatiblity in multiplayer
^ LODDriverTurnedOut & LODDriverTurnedIn parameter configured for AFRF vehicles
^ Workaround for AI boarding vehicles in FFV cargo seats before the main gunner seat
^ viewDriverInExternal property configured for AFRF vehicles
^ Removed autocenter = 0 & added buoyancy = 1 to many vehicle models for better interation with water
^ Included new tankTurnForceAngSpd, accelAidForceCoef and accelAidForceSpd physX parameters for tracked vehicles (Arma 3 v1.78)
^ Removed gun barrel from physX LOD of several vehicles, to reduce risk of erratic collision behaviour
^ Some Multiplayer optimization of FCS code
^ Made default key for RHS FCS lasing, the same as standard Arma 3 'Lase Range' key
^ Tweaked engine startup script
^ Adjusted fuel explosion force
^ Configured muzzleImpulseFactor coefficient for some cannons
^ Removed tracer from 3OF26 annunition
^ Adjusted the amount of tracers on 30mm rounds
^ Adjusted the available TI modes of AFV thermal sights
^ Updated Muzzle flashes proxies on AFRF vehicles to newer ones
^ Visual improvements to Shtora dazzlers
^ Improved BMP-3 turret firegeometry
^ MFD-based indicators (replacing scripted solution) in BMP-3 driver station
^ BMP-3's PKT now uses a single 2000rnd magazine
^ ZSU-23-4 now uses 2000rnd magazines
^ ZSU-23-4 has sensor-networking capabilities
^ Made BTR less vulnerable to explosives
^ Set up retexturable selection for cover on BTR's spare wheel proxy
^ Disabled Tochka-U sounds in eden
^ Tochka-U control panel is available for remote controlled units too
^ Added basic interior for Tochka-U
^ Enhancement of GAZ Tigr's pilot LOD: animation of gauges, texture and material tweaks
^ Emilinated z-fighting in pilot LOD of several vehicles
^ Moved D6 parachute to rhs_c_troops.pbo for higher compatibility
^ SPO-15 is now limited to detecting radar-guided missile, plus further fixes and optimisation of script
^ Made planes compatible with the UI throttle indicator (Arma 3 v1.70)
^ Defined targetSize parameters for aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)
^ Advanced hitpoints & suspension for Su-25 and T-50
^ Upgrades for Su-25, T-50, Mi-28 and Ka-52 HUD
^ Proper ASP-17 sight reticle for Mi-24 pilots
^ Su-25 & Pak-FA are now using throttle animation sources
^ Gave T-50 the ladder & get in animation from Lyotchik Snayper's PAK-FA mod
^ Optimized PAK-FA mirrors
^ Removed "Sukhoi" company name from T-50's 'displayname' string
^ Tweaked Mi-28 pilot camera script
^ Air-launched rockets will have some dispersion pattern (Arma 3 1.78)
^ Improvement to missile and rocket visuals - launch effects and animations
^ Rescaled R-77M shadowvolume to reduce visual artefacts
^ Increased tracer lifetime for 12.7x108mm bullets
^ usePiP = 2; parameter configured for Podnos mortar & BMP-3 crews
^ Collision geometry property added to static weapons animations
^ Prevented creation of duplicate tubes when removing a fired disposable launcher via the inventory menu
^ Exchanged Rakurs sight for 1P87, on VDV units equipped with AK-74MR
^ Removed last round tracers from 5.45 & 7.62x39 magazines
^ AK-103/104 given their proper polymer 7.62x39 magazine (removed reference to "steel mag" in AK-103 displayname strings)
^ Better AK(S)-74(U) hand animations
^ VSS/AS Val AI dispersion value
^ "NPZ Rail" weapon attachment renamed as "Rail Adapter"
^ Adjusted DPM AK5 fire light intensity
^ Improved responsiveness of accessories scripts
^ Reduced UMTB and Sidor backpacks capacity
^ Many tweaks to sounds
^ Cleanup of uvs, named properties, proxies & broken materials in many 3d models
^ New sound config for the Orsis T5000
^ Tweaked Mi-8 reticle rvmat
^ Added cluster variants of Su-25 for Zeus CAS module
FIXED IN 0.4.3
@ 'Updating base class' errors
@ Fixed super armored T-50
@ Weapon holder classes generated by config Macro, were faulty
@ Low armorStructural value was making body armour ineffective on RHS units
@ Missing sound occlusionFactor and obstructionFactor parameters
@ Autoloader sounds could be heard clearly outside of vehicles
@ Tank AI in player team refused to fire without explict command
@ PRP-3 radar animation was broken
@ BMDs could carry too many units in Eden editor
@ BMD-1PK had the wrong picture in Virtual Garage
@ Typo in Tochka-U cfgPatches - basic variant was not available in Zeus
@ Some crew-served weapons unintentional inherited Fire Control System following Arma 3 v1.70 update
@ Reloading Malyutka missiles no longer fixes gun/turret
@ AI was not able to use Metis & Konkurs, due to misalignment of memory points
@ D30 crew "get in" memory points
@ Configs errors in static radar objects
@ Ejection seats were causing CTDs
@ PAK-FA navigation system script error, following Jets DLC
@ Su-25 compass direction
@ Su-25 missing memory points for shell ejection
@ Tu-95 copilot appeared in the wrong seat
@ Ka-60 duplicated in Virtual Garage
@ Mi-8MT crew was could not be shot
@ Mi-24's Yak-B gun was not selectable
@ Parts of Mi-24P did not hide properly when exhaust covers were hidden
@ Tubes of B-13L/B-13L1 pods were arranged upside-down
@ Added missing nameSound = smokeShell; to smoke grenades
@ Visual artifacts on iron sights of weapon models containing alpha textures, when looking through certain scope attachments
@ Zenitco AK-103 was using 5.45mm suppressors
@ Hole in the wrist of units wearing Gorka R
@ Some Russian uniforms did not display wounds
@ Randomisation of face scarfs was bugged on VMF Recon units
@ Rebuilt corrupted models (switch.p3d, svds.p3d, svds_npz.p3d)
@ Russian helicopter pilot can-can legs when AFM is enabled
- Removed old female faces and assigned default Russian ones to the former classnames, at request of author
- Removed magazine model from previously removed PMM pistol
- Removed un-needed test models from rhs_servicemenu.pbo
- Obsolete Ka52d.p3d test model
- Obsolete 2Dscope_SPG_4.p3d and dshk_destruct.rvmat

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