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Samstag, 23. Juni 2018
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Cyprus Push-to-Hear von ACyprus (v1.6.0) [Verschiedenes]
25.05.2015 von miller

Cyprus Push-to-Hear

Den In-Game Sound und die Lautstärke der Musik durch eine Preset-Taste vorübergehend reduzieren.



Benötigte Addons:
Community Base Addons A3

Weitere Infos:


Have you ever found yourself in a chopper, jet or armoured vehicle, struggling to hear your teammates chatter because the engine's too loud? How about a crazy firefight where battle sounds are drowning out the comms? Cyprus Push-to-Hear allows you to temporarily reduce in-game sound and music volume by holding down a preset key. A toggle setting is also available, and a UI icon is displayed on the in-game HUD whenever Push-to-Hear is in effect.

The HUD icon is positioned so as not to interfere with VTS Weapon Resting (which I use religiously), and has been tested in various interface sizes.

The fade-out and fade-in durations of the effect are currently configurable in code, but not by the user. This is also true for the lower volume setting that sounds are suppressed to while Push-to-Hear is active. In future, I may decide to make these adjustable via userconfig or an in-game slider interface.

This is my first attempt at creating an addon for Arma 3. I chose it as a very simple introductory project to Arma 3 scripting, yet functional for me personally. Please do post constructive feedback, helpful advice, bug reports or sensible feature requests below.

It would be great to hear from those of you who add Cyprus Push-to-Hear to your server, mission, mod collection or repository, or simply enjoy using it.

Simple instructions:
- Install the addon to your Arma 3 directory, or regular addon folder path
- Launch Arma 3 with parameter -mod=@CBA_A3;@cyp_pushtohear_a3
- Set your Push-to-Hear key bindings in-game via: CONFIGURE > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS

Thanks to:
- [Mox] Lanski-TPF-, for the graphics, patience and of course Maya
- Taosenai and the CBA team, for their Keybinding System
- Killzone Kid, for his GUI tutorials and Hex 2 Arma GUI Colour Converter at
- The authors and contributors of BIS Community WIKI, for such a useful reference
- My friends at Taskforce 202




- NEW: Use Push-to-Hear as Zeus, in the Curator interface
- NEW: Compatible with ACE3 Hearing module
- FIX: Push-to-Hear GUI icon no longer disappears after a certain period
- FIX: CBA RC6 keybinds now save

- FIX: Converted keybind system to CBA RC6

- FIX: Corrected issue with players being kicked from servers for bad signature (wasn't actually the key that was the problem)
- NEW: Included addon-specific server key, in addition to the general key for all my addons

- NEW: Push-to-Hear GUI icon now displayed over Map when active
- NEW: Suppressed volume levels can now be set via userconfig
- NEW: Suppressed volume levels can be set independently for sounds vs music
- NEW: Suppress and restore effect durations for volumes and GUI icon can now be set independently
- FIX: Corrected a potentially exploitable issue in userconfig include

- NEW: Compatability with AGM Hearing module (requires AGM v0.94 or later)
- NEW: Introduced userconfig file for various customisable settings
- NEW: Configurable mouse buttons now useable for Push-to-Hear (no toggle)
- NEW: 'Suppressed' volume level now configurable
- NEW: Sound and music volumes checked and handled independently
- FIX: Check and restore previous sound and music volumes when Push-to-Hear deactivated
- FIX: Toggle function changed to keyup to avoid UI icon flickering when holding down toggle key
- FIX: Volume reduced only if 'suppressed' volume level is less than current music or sound volume

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